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18 #Petstagram Accounts To Follow For An Instant Mood Boost

18 #Petstagram Accounts To Follow For An Instant Mood Boost
Images by, @jiffpom, @nala_cat / Instagram

Could it be that pets are the new kids and plants are the new pets? Dogs, cats, and other pets of all kinds have been taking over the Instagram game–we’re not complaining, though. These little balls of fur really bring sunshine with them, and are a good stress reliever. Like a best friend, they already know what’s up even if you don’t tell them. They really are feelers.

We have animal lovers to thank for sharing their babies with the rest of us online through Instagram. Need an instant mood boost? Here are “petstagrams” you definitely have to follow ASAP.

Watson and Kiko

These two golden retrievers are born models. Their photos are super Pinterest-worthy! Watson is an emotional support dog, while Kiko is a tripawd (a three-legged dog) cancer survivor. What an inspiring fur family!


Doug the Pug is Insta-famous—he has over 3.9 million followers! He enjoys traveling in style. Case in point: Doug has photos of him eating a croissant in Paris while wearing a beret. Plus, he even has celebrity friends. Literal dog goals! He even supports movements like Black Lives Matter. We stan.


Nimbus Cloud dog is a teacup Maltese from the Philippines. This baby is always staring at us with those puppy dog eyes in his photos. He’s so tiny and fluffy!



Resembling a polar bear, this Samoyed is absolutely beautiful! She’s also Insta-famous with over 2 million followers. She even has her own YouTube channel.


Lolla the Shihtzu is always dressing up in style! You’ll always catch her wearing a bow and a trendy hairstyle. What a fashionista!

Darren and Phillip

Also known as “The Blue Boys,” Darren and Phillip’s photos cosist of their everyday life together as a fur family, including cooking Mac ‘n Cheese, sunbathing, making pizza, getting a whole-body massage, and drinking beer. Are they really Staffies, or are they secretly human?

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Jiff the Pom is enjoying the foodie life and 10 million other people are watching! He has the cutest clean cut that sets him apart from other Pomeranians. Jiff also has his own merchandise that’s being sold at Target. Wow!

Coco and Cici

Coco and Cici are registered therapy dogs, which means they are trained to provide affection and comfort to people in a retirement home or hospital setting. They’re both always dressing up in different costumes and are known to be the queen of pink bellies. Everyone deserves therapy pups!

Luna, Bo, Levi, and Eri

Luna and the girls are YouTuber Rei Germar’s fur babies. She always shares how clingy her little girls are and Levi can sometimes be a troublemaker sometimes! Watch their family’s journey on Instagram.

Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is 90% bulldog and 10% chicken! Such an odd name for a dog, don’t you think? Nonetheless, he’s such a charming chimken boy.


This doggo is actress Heaven Peralejo’s Maltese. His name sure suits him because he looks like a little cloud!


Buzz is also Heaven Peralejo’s fur baby! This Yorkie even models pet care essentials--truly a dog influencer.

Princess Monster Truck

Yes, Princess Monster Truck is her name. She was rescued in the streets of New York and is now Insta-famous—what a level up! Her owners are also promoting “Adopt [or rescue], don’t shop.”

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This blue-eyed Persian x Siberian x Turkish Angora cat is a scene stealer. Yoghurt is born a natural model. He also kind of resembles Marie from Disney’s “The Aristocats,” right?


Pudge the cat is a girl with a mustache that is more fabulous than yours! She has more than half a million Instagram followers and is regarded as a fashion model by her owner. She looks unpleased most of the time, but she’s certainly a softie inside.

Grumpy Cat

A meme-worthy cat, this Internet celebrity has over 2.4 million followers on Instagram. She kept her reputation as the “grumpy” cat until she passed away in May 2019. We’re sure she’s in cat heaven!


Snoopy babe looks like an adorable little munchkin! She wears the prettiest crocheted outfits and costumes that match her overall cat ~vibe~.


Nala the cat has over 4.3 million followers! She holds a Guinness World Record as the most popular cat on Instagram. She was a rescued cat from the shelter and is now a world record holder. That’s so cool! Did we mention that her net worth is $113 million? Yup, a cat is way richer than us.

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