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5 Useful Life Lessons I Learned From Miss Universe PH 2021 Delegate Ayn Bernos

5 Useful Life Lessons I Learned From Miss Universe PH 2021 Delegate Ayn Bernos
Images by @aynbernos / Instagram

Most of us have undeniably been in a weird place since the pandemic started. As for me, the first chapter of my adulting journey was spent quarantined in our family home, fresh out of college, jobless, and questioning my goals and dreams. As the eldest child in my family, it was during this time when I wished that I had someone to guide me through this unexplored territory, an ate who can just tell me that everything’s going to be okay, and that I just needed to keep going.

Well, it’s a good thing TikTok became a huge part of our lives. Through it, we were introduced to several content creators who actually educate and inspire their audience, one of them being Ayn Bernos.

Ayn is an entrepreneur, content creator, and language educator. She is also a public speaker with her very own podcast Camp Confidence Radio, and the CEO of homegrown clothing brand Morena the Label. On July 19, she was also announced as one of the 100 delegates for Miss Universe Philippines 2021.

Her TikTok profile served as my safe space—and probably for her 700,000 followers as well. Watching her videos felt like getting friendly advice from an older sister, and I can surely say that those one-minute clips can someday be compiled into an adulting guidebook for when we need a little push.

If you’re feeling a little lost, confused, or maybe you just need a reminder to keep going, here are 5 valuable life lessons we’ve learned from Ayn!

Dreams take time to achieve, and that’s okay.


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Oftentimes, we get impatient in the middle of our journey towards our dreams. We get the urge to give up, worrying about our future, that we forget to enjoy the present.

“Dreams really take time to achieve, it’s just the reality of life,” she says. “We need to set our expectations. When we truly know that things will take time, we must then find ways to make that time enjoyable.”

Even though you haven’t reached your big dream yet, you are allowed to be happy!

It’s simple: Just start.


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? original sound - Ayn Bernos / IG: @aynbernos

“If you’ve been meaning to start a project, and you’ve been thinking that ‘oh, I need this fancy [equipment] to get started’, or ‘I need to get better at editing before I start’, or ‘I need to be a better speaker before I start’. Just start.” Ayn suggests.

If we keep waiting for the “perfect” time to do things, then we’re wasting opportunities to actually attempt. “If you keep aiming for perfection before you allow yourself to start something, it will actually hinder your growth,” she adds.

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It takes three things to be a good public speaker.


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Ayn is a member of public speaking non-profit organization Metro Manila Toastmasters Club, and even won an international contest in 2020. She shares three tips that can help us become better public speakers.

“The first one is pace or pacing. The reason why it’s important to go slowly is it allows you to think, [and] it allows your audience to catch up,” she recommends.

Ayn also mentioned the importance of pauses in the middle of speeches. “I pause a lot not just to think, but also, to have a little more impact.”

Her last tip is to practice. Just like everything else, we get better at something when we continuously practice it, and public speaking is no different.

Addressing demotivation


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It’s normal to feel demotivated or unproductive sometimes. And while there is no perfect solution for this, Ayn has two questions that she always asks herself when she finds herself in a slump.

“Number one, what is causing my demotivation? And number two, what can I do, what change can I implement by myself that can address this?”

She says that these two are helpful because it keeps us from taking the blame for something so natural and normal. Beating ourselves up even more for feeling this way is counterproductive, she explains.

Ayn adds, “Instead of blaming ourselves for our feelings, I try to address the cause of that feeling.”

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Changing the definition of “beauty.”


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? original sound - Ayn Bernos 🇵🇭 - Ayn Bernos / IG: @aynbernos

For several generations, we were taught that the only way to be “beautiful” is to have fair skin, perfect teeth, and a skinny body. As an advocate of self-development and education, Ayn aims to challenge colorism in the Philippines, and that means changing the beauty standards that we have grown accustomed to.

“Whatever your shape, your size, your color is, find people who represent YOU,” she says. “If you can’t find that person that looks like you, be that person for other people.”

So, which life advice did you need to hear right now?

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