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7 Places Where You Can Bring Your Second-hand Items For Donation Or Selling

7 Places Where You Can Bring Your Second-hand Items For Donation Or Selling
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Have you recently done some spring cleaning and realized that you have plenty of items which you have outgrown or do not wish to keep anymore? If you’re ready to let go of your preloved clothes, home appliances, and gadgets, you can always give to those who need instead of just throwing them out.

As Japanese organizational expert Marie Kondo says: “Discard everything that does not spark joy”. There are various charity organizations around the metro where you can donate your secondhand items, and online communities where you can set them up for sale. Here are seven of them.


Precious Heritage Ministries Foundation Inc. 

Precious Heritage Ministries Foundation Inc., a non-profit charity organization founded in 2008, accepts new and used clothes, home equipment, and stuffed toys, as well as toiletries, food, and cash. They then distribute these in-kind donations to underprivileged families, orphans, and street children.

The organization also aims to aid the abandoned and the neglected in Metro Manila, and in Regions IV-A and B. They also send donations to indigenous tribes and to communities that are heavily affected by calamities.

To ensure safety from COVID-19, the company follows health protocols during the distribution of donations.

Send your second-hand items that are in usable states to the Precious Heritage office at 1340 Manuel Hizon Street, Sta. Cruz, Manila or at Children’s Home, which is located at Road 11, Sta. Rosa St. Penafrancia Hills, Lower Antipolo City. You may also message them through, or visit their Facebook page for more information.

I Support the Girls MNL


If you’ve unearthed a pile of used undergarments that don’t fit you anymore (applies to bras only, not panties) or have an oversupply of feminine products, put them to good use. I Support The Girls MNL collects used and brand new bras, fresh underwear in their original packaging, and hygiene products like tampons, feminine pads, and feminine wash, and donates them to women in underserved communities in Metro Manila who do not have access to these essential products.

For preloved bras, make sure to do a quality check before donating to ensure cleanliness and usability. I Support the Girls MNL inspects all packages they receive to assure that all donations are up to standard and are distributed with proper safety protocols.

This local organization is an affiliate of Dana Marlowe’s I Support The Girls, which was founded in Maryland, USA in 2015. If you wish to donate used items, send a message to I Support The Girls MNL through Facebook or Instagram.

Philippine Toy Library

Donate your kids’ old and used toys to less privileged children in remote and disadvantaged areas through the Philippine Toy Library. This non-profit organization accepts old toys in good condition as well as brand new ones. You can also send monetary donations to cover costs for packaging and shipping of the preloved items.

Educational toys, musical toys, building toys, board games, and pretend play sets are preferred. Philippine Toy Library does not accept toys that are violence- or horror-themed.

For safety measures, donors are asked to send photos of the toys prior to sending to ensure cleanliness. Donations are also disinfected with alcohol upon receipt. When sending the donations to the beneficiaries, partner communities sanitize each toy again before putting them in the module kits.

Philippine Toy Library has offices in in Metro Manila, Navotas, Bataan, Camarines Norte, and Rizal for their Project LARO at Home, as well as existing sites in Sagada and Basilan. If you wish to donate your children’s old trinkets, simply send a message through their Facebook page.

Goodwill Industries of the Philippines

This non-profit civic organization advocates for the rehabilitation of people with disabilities and the disadvantaged by empowering their skills so they could reach their fullest potential.

Goodwill Industries of the Philippines accepts used technologies like personal and office computers and laptops, electronics, office equipment, and telecommunications for their E-Cycle Program, where these materials are refurbished, reused, and utilized in online trainings for PWDs.

They also accept preloved textiles from used and old clothing, which are then converted into new products like bags, rags, and pillowcases.  

GoodWill Industries of the Philippines has an office in Metro Manila, in Los Banos, Laguna, and will open a branch in San Jose Del Monte in Bulacan by March.

They have also doubled the efforts in sanitizing donations and practicing social distancing during pick up, where donors leave the items outside the garage, as well as limited pick up inside homes.

To donate, get in touch with GoodWill Industries of the Philippines on Facebook.

ChildHope Philippines


ChildHope Philippines is a non-government organization (NGO) that aims to help and promote the welfare and rights of the youth, specifically street children, through its Street Education and Protection Program (STEP).

They accept second-hand gadgets like laptops, computers, and tablets which are used for their Kalyeskwela Mobile Community Learning Hub. In this program, a mobile van equipped with audiovisual materials goes around five cities in Metro Manila to conduct alternative education sessions to street children.

ChildHope also accepts donations in the form of grocery items, hygiene kits, school supplies, and cash. In-kind donations can be delivered to their headquarters at 1210 Penafrancia Street, Paco, Manila.

All donations are sanitized prior to distribution. Street educators and drivers wear safety gear during distribution.

To donate, get in touch with ChildHope Philippines through Facebook or Instagram.

If you would rather sell your decluttered items, here are two platforms you can explore.

Manila Furniture Buy and Sell

Looking for a venue to sell some home decor and pieces you no longer want to keep? Manila Furniture Buy and Sell is a Facebook group where members can post about furniture, paintings, potted plants, home decorations, etc. Anyone in the community can message to express their intent to buy. Make sure to follow the group rules and guidelines at all times.

Visit Manila Furniture Buy and Sell on Facebook for more information.



If you’re looking for a buy-and-sell haven for secondhand items, this platform is for you. Carousell is a mobile application and online marketplace where you can upload photos of your preloved items like clothing, furniture, art, and accessories, and put it up for sale. Download the Carousell application via Google Play or Apple App Store.

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