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7 Wireless Earphones That Are More Affordable Than Apple’s AirPods

7 Wireless Earphones That Are More Affordable Than Apple’s AirPods
Image by Daniel Romero / Unsplash

Because we now spend most of our day in our workspaces at home, we want this area to be as organized and sleek as possible. The less wires, the better.

Zoom meetings, online classes, and virtual conferences all require good quality audio, which means it’s important to invest in a pair of high performing wireless earphones that can last a whole day’s worth of meetings. Of course, it’s a plus if they’re affordable too!

Other than the AirPods, there are options for you if you need wireless earbuds that won’t break the bank. Check them out!

Realme Buds Air Pro

Realme is definitely giving its A-game when it comes to affordable yet high quality gadgets. Besides smartphones and power banks, it has accessories like selfie sticks, earbuds, and smart scales, too.

If you love listening to music while working from home, the best option for you is a pair of wireless earbuds like Realme Buds Air Pro that not only has an active noise cancellation feature for Zoom meetings, but a bass boost driver for your music as well!

Add to cart for only Php 3,290 on Lazada.

JBL Wave 100 True Wireless Earphones

Hassle-free, clutter-free, and comfy–JBL’s line of wireless earphones continue to give us pocket-friendly options that are super comfortable when worn.

The JBL Wave 100 True Wireless Earphones have a dual connect feature that automatically pairs with your device through Bluetooth connection. It also has a built-in remote control on both ear cups, so you can play your music, pause your video, or tap out of a call. The earphones can last up to five hours of use non-stop, and the case can hold up to 15 hours’ worth of battery life!

If you’re still hesitating about purchasing this pair, maybe the affordable price can convince you?

Add to cart for only Php 1,999 on Lazada.

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Lenovo Trackpods True Wireless Stereo Earbuds

Most of us are probably familiar with Lenovo for their wide range of laptops, but the brand has started to expand its product line to tablets, monitors, smart phones, and in-ear headphones too.

The pair comes with a sleek, plain black case, a USB Type C charger, a wrist strap, and an extra pouch for protection. It has a nine-hour playtime, a six-hour talk time, and a 50mAh battery capacity for each earbud. You can walk around while on call too, because the pair has a wireless range of up to 10 meters!

Add to cart for only Php 3,990 on Lazada.

SoundPEATS Mac

Let’s be honest, the SoundPEATS Mac is one of the most affordable deals you can find in the market right now. Priced at only Php 890, you can already enjoy its smart touch feature that lets you control all of its features by pressing on the earbuds, voice assistant, and hi-fi sound quality. It also has a built-in mic that lets you go through online classes or work meetings without hassle!

Add to cart for only Php 890 on Lazada.

Xiaomi Air 2 SE

As always, Xiaomi never fails to wow us with its wide range of products. It takes pride in the Air 2 SE’s noise isolation feature that captures and produces clear and crisp sound without the need for a separate microphone. Plus, you can use these earbuds for up to 20 hours!

The pair has a striking similarity to Apple’s AirPods, so if you’re looking for a cheaper option, this one is definitely for you!

Add to cart for only Php 1,163 on Lazada.

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Haylou GT5 Gaming TWS Earphones

Are you into gaming? We got you! Of course, you can use the Haylou GT5 wireless earphones for work and online classes too, but it’s being marketed primarily as a pair for gamers.

Its low-latency feature allows players to instantly recognize ambient sounds in the game. It can last for up to 24 hours of use, with intelligent in-ear detection and smart touch control, giving you high-quality features all for a good deal!

Add to cart for only Php 1,047 on Lazada.

Promate Harmoni High Definition Sleek Bluetooth Earphones

This pair is fit for all your indoor and outdoor activities, whether you’re working from home or going on a hike. The Promate Harmoni Bluetooth earphones have an unobtrusive design that offers a comfortable and secure fit, as well as a 15-hour battery life.

Add to cart for only Php 1,695 on Lazada.

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