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8 Best Shopping Finds From The Home Buddies Facebook Group

8 Best Shopping Finds From The Home Buddies Facebook Group
Image by Tina Dawson / Unsplash

After more than a year of confinement at home to steer clear of the coronavirus, we’d be lying if we say we haven’t, even once, thought of upgrading our home spaces! Scrolling through social media will surely yield photos of someone’s newly renovated space, a friend’s DIY project, or your favorite influencer’s latest #BudolFind.

And then there came Home Buddies, a Facebook group created by copywriter and blogger Frances Cabatuando initially to share her decluttering journey with friends and followers. You’ve probably heard of it or might even be part of its growing community of over 1.5 million followers as of writing!

The group has grown into a hotbed of ideas, from design tips to the best items for your humble abode. If you’re wondering which household items are crowd favorites in Home Buddies, look no further! We’ve scoured the page for must-add items to your shopping cart.

Deerma VC20 Vacuum Cleaner

With the emergence of a deadly virus comes extra preventive measures to keep our homes spotless and dust-free, so it’s imperative to invest in a vacuum cleaner with top-grade cleaning efficiency! For Chicco Carmona, a marketing analyst, opting for a wireless design makes for a more practical and convenient choice. One of the highly raved brands in Home Buddies is Deerma VC20, so he decided to finally give in when the price dropped 59 percent in Shopee’s 4.4 Sale! “I’d say this is one of my best buys because of its high quality and relatively heavy build, which adds to its legitimacy. 5 stars for me!” he happily shares.

Shop the Deerma VC20 Vacuum Cleaner for Php 2,999 on Shopee.

DIY Wall Mirrors

Quarantine has diminished our vanity, yet ironically, mirrors have been all the rave nowadays. As it turns out, more and more people are buying them not just to look at their own reflections, but to create illusions of bigger space and add aesthetics! Why spend your money on expensive wall mirrors when you can do a DIY installation on your own (or with hubby’s help) at a low price? Take a cue from our HB kapitbahay Joanne Mina; the outcome makes for a lovely Instagram backdrop!

Shop 12x18 mirrors for Php 299 each at SM Department Store.

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LG Inverter Aircon

The throes of summer are here, and with soaring temperatures mostly spent at home, how does one keep a cool head and avoid meltdowns? An energy-efficient inverter air conditioner is the perfect solution, say most of the folks from Home Buddies! The LG brand gets the vote from Jemuel Vallejo for its fast-cooling and energy-saving functionalities, easing him out of the much-dreaded cost of high electricity bills at the end of the month!

Shop the LG LA100EC Aircon for Php 29,399 on Lazada.

Foldable Bathtub

When it comes to baths, showers are great, but there’s nothing more special than soaking yourself in a hot tub at the end of each day. Whether it’s cleansing off stress or taking time to meditate and read a book in between, the calming aspect makes it a simple but fool-proof ode to self-care! No need to book your favorite spa -- our friends at Home Buddies recommend the Foldable Bathtub, which gets additional points for its portability and easy storage!

Shop the Foldable Bathtub for Php 5,800 on Mom’s Choice Online Shop.

Portable Hand Steamer

No one wants wrinkles on their Zoom-ready wardrobe, but let’s face it, ironing sometimes takes a lot of work, not to mention the disapproving look from your mom upon seeing you ruined her favorite silk dress in the process. The good news is there’s a portable steamer making waves on Home Buddies, allowing you to remove those pesky creases on a safer and more convenient product than your long-standing iron. Some farewells are for the better, especially if it saves you from a future third-degree burn!

Shop the Portable Hand Steamer for Php 799 on Shopee.

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Treadmill Machine

Calling all fitness enthusiasts! Breaking a sweat can seem challenging when you’re faced with isolation and social distancing measures, but fret not; there’s a plethora of home workout equipment reachable in one click. Walking has been an essential part of the pre-pandemic fitness routine of Lance, a BPO Manager, but since he’s still scared of the risks of going out, purchasing his own treadmill at home will do the job for now!

Shop the Treadmill Machine for Php 6,450 on Lazada.

Wooden Tableware

Browsing through posts on Home Buddies will make you familiar with the term #TeamKahoy, referring to members with a particular fondness for wooden furniture! A budol recommended by the founder herself, SM Store houses some of the cheapest and high-quality items to make your dining experience as stylish as it can be!

Shop Wooden Tableware at SM Home.

Office Chair

When the pandemic forced most companies to pivot to a remote setup, most of us used our creative juices for putting together our own home workspaces. And if you’re one of those who consider a comfortable seat as a top priority for your home HQ, then you would want to invest in an office chair that embraces both form and function. Members have been swooning over Fiong Perreras’ High-Back Office Chair, which not only serves its purpose but also provides a beautiful accent to her bedroom!

Shop the Modern High Back Office Chair for Php 9,450 on Lazada.

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