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9 New iOS 15 Features That Will Convince You To Update Your iPhone Software ASAP

9 New iOS 15 Features That Will Convince You To Update Your iPhone Software ASAP
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It’s that time of the year again! When Apple releases its new products annually, a new iOS software always comes along with it (you probably already know that if you’re #TeamApple). It can be fun to explore these new features if you’re an iPhone user because it allows you to use your gadget to its full potential, making it more functional and useful.

Of the many features of the iOS 15 which was released on September 20, here are our top 9 picks:


Focus lets you choose a mode accustomed to your current activity, whether you’re working, sleeping, or taking a personal day off. This is a new and improved version of the “Do Not Disturb” feature that allows you to mute all notifications.

Focus has pre-set modes, but you can also customize your own and assign icons. The specific icon will appear next to the digital time on the upper portion of your screen. You can choose who can call you, which notifications show up, which home screens to display, and more! It’s perfect for people who get easily distracted and those who just want a break from their phones.


Safari has quite a few new changes, the first being the location of the address bar, which is now at the bottom of the screen. Since phones are getting bigger, Apple thought of a way for people to reach the tab bar more easily. Note that if you don’t like this setup and you want to keep it the way it was, you can always change it back in Settings. Go to Settings > Safari > Single Tab.

Other new Safari features are the ability to group Tabs together, and the option to change the background image. Just open a new tab, scroll to the bottom, then click “edit.” There you can select from the gallery of images or upload your own photo. Cool, right?

Live Text or Image to Text

You’ll probably agree that this new feature is super helpful. iOS 15 now reads all texts in photos, so you’ll never need to type things again. It will instantly recognize rich and useful information in images and turn them into text. Perfect for long notes, signages, posters, or grocery lists!

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Background Sounds

Apple has made readily available background sounds for you to listen to any time of the day: you can choose from balanced noise, bright noise, dark noise, ocean, rain, and stream. You can even play it while listening to music or videos simultaneously for an extra ~emotional~ experience! Just go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio/Visual > Background Sounds. You can also add Hearing on your Control Center so you can easily access these sounds.

Shared with You

This new feature collates all content that was shared with you by your friends and family across apps. For example, if you received a link from someone, it would show up on your Safari under the category “Shared with You”. It is also available on different applications like AppleTV, News, Podcast, Photos, etc.


FaceTime also has major improvements this year. First, it is not only exclusive to Apple users anymore—even Android users can join FaceTime calls now through links. This way you can connect with more people across the world, and even schedule calls.

Portrait Mode is now on FaceTime too so you can blur the background and keep the focus on you. SharePlay is also a new feature that lets you stream music, videos, and movies with your friends in Facetime calls.

Spatial Audio was also introduced for a better FaceTime experience. Spatial Audio makes calls feel more natural, comfortable, and lifelike. Different mic modes (besides standard) are also now available, namely voice isolation and wide spectrum. Voice isolation allows you to remove unnecessary noise so the person on the other end can hear you better, while wide spectrum is when you want every bit of sound to come through. Life-changing!

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Find My

Should you ever lose your phone, Find My will now be able to locate your device/s even if they are turned off or erased!


iOS 15 also included the new Scheduled Summary feature for Notifications. This will group all of your non-urgent Notifications and only show them on specific time/s you chose. You can also customize which apps will be part of the Scheduled Summary so you can organize your notification center better.

Hide My E-mail

This is a new privacy feature that allows you to have an alternative or “burner” e-mail if you are subscribed to iCloud+. You can use a random e-mail address provided by Apple or a custom one rather than your original e-mail address so you can “mask” it from other people or websites. The e-mails sent to this address will be forwarded to your real inbox. By using this, you may prevent potential security breach which may allow others to get your personal information.

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