9 Young Filipino Bloggers To Follow For Financial Advice

9 Young Filipino Bloggers To Follow For Financial Advice
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Money and personal finance are always a complex matter, especially if you don’t know the first thing about them. We all know people whose attention immediately dwindles the moment they hear the terms “savings,” “investments,” “insurance,” “loans,” or “retirement plan,” not because they don’t want to hear about them but because they have made up their minds that these concepts are hard to understand.

Unfortunately, it’s a subject we cannot escape, and if you want to make money work for you, you have to “befriend” it first -- you have to get to know it. If you’re looking for financial advice that won’t bog you down, you only need to find the expert that can lay things down for you, in a level you will understand. How can you find one that resonates with you? Luckily, there are young people like you whose financial blogs can speak your language. Here are nine worth checking out. 

 Kuripot Pinoy

An IT professional and Registered Financial Planner, Ralph Gregore Masalihit created Kuripot Pinoy, a website that talks about personal development, growing your wealth, ways to have a better life, and starting anew each day.

He also features budgeting, investing, life insurance, webpreneur, crowdfunding and e-commerce topics, with posts like “Questions to Think About Before You Spend Money.”

signed Marco

The owner of signed Marco, previously known as iMillenial, is a certified senior high school teacher, stock market investor, and financial literacy advocate. Marc Kenneth Marquez believes in the importance of financial literacy in education and economy, which is why his goal is to promote this advocacy to millennial Filipinos in the country and across the world.

Begin reading his blog with “What Makes Saving Rather Hard for Most Filipinos” and learn more when it comes to managing your finances.

The Wise Guy PH

Engineer Federico San Juan, Jr. has been sharing what he knows online, as well as his experiences on financial and emotional difficulties while supporting his family of five. Thus, his blog entries are sometimes personal but always filled with helpful guidelines. Read up and be informed about “Becoming Frugal and Generous at the Same Time.”

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Pinay Teenvestor

Sheila, the author, is past her teenage years. She named her blogsite “Pinay Teenvestor“ because she wants to target younger people in her advocacy to spread financial awareness.

Readers will surely find motivation in Sheila’s posts about side hustles, debt management, success stories, and more. You will also appreciate her personal thoughts and experiences, with stories like “I Failed” and “I Will Never Be Ready.”

Piso and Beyond!

Teacher and programmer Jeff Reyes’ posts are thought provoking and insightful, like his “Is Your Excuse Bigger Than Your Dreams” and “The Book of Salamat” stories. Apart from that, he also offers a wide scope of topics from business, networking, and personal finance, to the stock market and useful guides.

Think Pesos

After discovering his passion in personal finance, Billy Reyes decided to create Think Pesos, with a goal to live his life to the fullest, be financially free and to serve as an inspiration to others. Even though he admits that he’s not a financial guru, his shared experiences, knowledge, and stories about the fundamentals of financial literacy will surely help you grow, like his post about “10 Things Filipino 20-Something Millennials Can Do with their Money to Prosper.”

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Your Life In Perspective

The author of Your Life in Perspective is a computer science graduate and BPO employee named Alfred. His website offers guides on government contributions, tools to compute stocks and interest, and budgeting methods.

If you are looking for someone to inspire you to start your own journey to financial freedom, you might consider visiting Alfred’s site or start reading his story of “6 Steps to Master the Art of Budgeting.”

Peso Hacks

Jericho Saquing is a business graduate who wants to replace the outdated view of handling money by giving practical hacks, tips, and ideas in achieving financial freedom. You can also get free resources like eBooks in his blog by registering your name and email address. You might want to start with his “9 Best Ipon Challenges To Try This 2021.”

Thrifty Pinay

Ameena Rey-Franc is the woman behind this personal finance, business and lifestyle blogsite. She is also a former accountant and banker, an aspiring digital entrepreneur, writer, and a homemaker.

Her financial blog aims to give its readers the proper mindset when it comes to budgeting, savings, and investments without depriving them the luxuries of life. One of the most popular entries on her blog under the Money Mindset and Positivity section is about “How to Build A Strong Financial Foundation That Can Withstand A Crisis.” Very timely, indeed!

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