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Annyeong! This Korean National Gives Free Korean Language Classes To Pinoys

Annyeong! This Korean National Gives Free Korean Language Classes To Pinoys
Image by Joshua Cho PH / Facebook

With the current popularity of Korean culture in our country, it’s not surprising that Pinoys have embraced all things Korean, from K-food, to K-pop, K-dramas, and of course learning the Korean language. If you’ve been watching some of their popular series and movies, it’s likely that you’ve picked up a few words and phrases, but if you want to have a full appreciation of the Korean language, enrolling in a class is still your best option. If budget is an issue, fret not. You can learn Korean with a free online class.

Cho Sung Hyuk aka Joshua Cho, 25, is a Korean national who moved to the Philippines with his family when he was three years old. An International Relations Manager by profession, he started an online Korean language class for Filipinos in September 2020 to teach those who are interested to learn, for free.

“When the pandemic (COVID-19) started, everything [shifted] online. We were all [on] lockdown, [and] I was thinking about how I would make my daily life more productive. I wanted to make my quarantine life meaningful and memorable,” he shares.

It was the missionary work of Joshua’s parents that brought them to the Philippines. When he was a toddler, their family lived in Cavite and Quezon City, then they eventually moved to Angeles City in Pampanga. He learned the Filipino language growing up. “I grew up in the Philippines with my family since I was young, so I know very well the heart of Filipinos,” Joshua explains. At home, they conversed in Korean.

Joshua worked as a Korean language teacher in different schools and universities here in the Philippines for three years, while also volunteering in communities, barangays, government agencies, and non-government organizations. In 2017, he moved back to South Korea.

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Teaching Korean classes for free


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Since he started offering his online classes in 2020, Joshua has taught over 40,000 students! He is now on his sixth batch of free classes that last for three months each.

The class is broadcasted live through a private Facebook, Zoom, and YouTube link for registered participants. He teaches on (scheduled) Saturday nights with his sister Hana Cho and friend Kim Jin Eun. As of this writing, the Korean Class with Joshua Cho Facebook page has over 65,000 likes and 84,000 followers. Wow! That’s a lot of Pinoy K-enthusiasts.

“It was so overwhelming and amazing! At first, I didn’t expect there [would] be a lot of students who would join and love to attend the class since everyone is stressed in the online world. But I was more motivated to pour out my heart as I saw how eager people are to learn the Korean language. Every time I see how happy my students are, [I know] all my effort and time is worth it! And I am extremely happy of what I am doing now,” Joshua shares with

“The objectives of the Korean classes with Joshua Cho are to help and motivate Filipinos who want to learn the Korean language and culture, and to provide the best quality Korean language sessions that will give hope and inspiration to learners in reaching their goals,” Joshua adds.

Why do Filipinos love Korean culture so much?


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“Nowadays, Hallyu or the Korean wave is trending, and you can find it everywhere. Korean food is delicious [and] at the same time, healthy. Korean dramas bring so many lessons and moral in the story. Korean music gives motivation in every lyric, [while] Korean pop idols give so much joy and happiness every time they have new show or concert. They have become an inspiration to many people, that is why there are many Filipinos and even other foreigners who love Korean culture that much and want to get to know more about it,” he explains.

Well, he’s not wrong! We all know how big an influence Korean stars are to their fans. They have served as inspiration and motivation for a lot of people, especially during the pandemic.

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What’s next for Korean class with Joshua Cho?


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? original sound - Korean Class Joshua

Joshua and his fellow instructors want to utilize their free Korean class as a bridge between Filipinos and their purpose in learning the language.

“Whether they just simply want to learn the Korean language for fun, to understand a Korean drama without subtitles, to [gain] Korean friends, or [travel] to Korea, we want to [help] Filipinos know more about Korean culture,” he says.

“We want to make this class the best class in Tagalog, make Korean language fun and easy for learning! We want to inspire, motivate, and deliver hope and happiness through the Korean class,” Joshua adds.

He shares these pieces of advice for those who want to learn the Korean language:

  • Find your “why.” Why do you want to learn?
  • Master the Korean alphabet, which is the basic foundation for you to learn the language.
  • Practice speaking what you have listened to or learned.
  • Write all the characters you see and learn.
  • Watching Korean dramas and listening to Korean songs can also help you learn Korean expressions.

If you want to finally get rid of the language barrier between you and your favorite actors or idols, you can sign up for Joshua Cho’s free Korean class. Watch out for announcements on how to register in the next batch on his social media accounts.

To find out more, check out Korean Class with Joshua Cho’s Facebook page or subscribe to their YouTube channel. Follow also their Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok accounts.

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