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Beat Boredom, Raise Your Confidence: 6 Exciting Hobbies To Start This Summer

Beat Boredom, Raise Your Confidence: 6 Exciting Hobbies To Start This Summer
Image by @bearfotos / Freepik

If you are running out of things to do after spending months streaming TV shows and movies, reading books, and trying out new recipes, you might want to take this opportunity to start a new hobby this summer. A hobby not only helps you overcome boredom, it also helps you feel more productive and fulfilled, thus raising your self-confidence. It also helps you develop new skills and gives you new challenges you can look forward to.

Should you try one you’re good at or start something entirely new? The choice is up to you. Here are some activities you can get busy with.

Build miniature crafts.

If you are looking for a summer quarantine project that would put your mind off of the stressful news these days, a DIY miniature kit can be your newest obsession. Build tiny versions of an adorable room, buildings, or your dream loft.

Lil’ Haven PH has different models you can choose from, from apartments, salons, to cake shops and even TV-famous sets -- some even come with real lighting fixtures. Each kit includes a wooden base, tools and supplies like scissors and glue, a battery box, a building guide, dust cover, and furniture details.

Browse for products and purchase through Lil’ Haven’s official website. Prices start at Php 520 for tiny rooms, up to Php 4,950 for bigger sets. Payment can be made via credit card, bank deposit, or cash on delivery, and delivery is free nationwide.

Create an artwork.

Love art? Been wanting to try a hobby that gets your creative juices flowing? Release your inner artist with Paint By Numbers, even with no visual arts experience or talent.

Painting by numbers involves painting a board that has light number markings in different parts. These numbers will serve as a guide so you know which color to use on which part.

Paint by Numbers Kit And More can make you an artist in a jiffy. You can either choose from their available designs, or have one customized to your liking. Just send the item code or the photo of your desired design on their official Facebook page to order.

Each Paint by Numbers set includes a reference photo, a 40 x 50 cm canvass, paint set with three brushes and two hooks and screws for Php 599. They offer free delivery nationwide and require 30% down payment from your total order.

Be creative with resin art.

Resin art is quite popular on video-sharing platforms and is becoming a favorite quarantine hobby, as well as a small startup business. By using resin, you can preserve dried flower petals and add glitters or gold foils into pieces that you can either wear as an accessory or display in your room.

Hobby Buddy PH’s Resin Kit allows you to create three different projects – a pair of earrings, a pendant, and a coaster. It comes with epoxy resin and hardener, bezels and molders, gold mica pigments, necklace chain, hooks for earrings, pipette, stirrers, pouring cups and a pair of nitrile gloves. For Php 500 to Php 600, you can have everything you need to start with your new hobby. Visit Shopee to check out products by Hobby Buddy.

Start your own podcast channel.

Podcasting is the modern way of broadcasting. It takes a certain personality, but if you have it and the skills, this might be the perfect hobby to start. Who knows? You might even be able to monetize it in the future. You can either upload your converted audio file to video on YouTube, or create your own channel on podcast listening applications like Spotify and iTunes.

Begin with a concept that works for you, then invest on a podcasting microphone. This affordable microphone set on Lazada which sells for only Php 849 may be a good one for beginners.

Learn to play the kalimba.


Whether or not you are musically inclined, this instrument is one of the easiest to learn and to play. Additionally, kalimba makes soft and calming music, so you won’t have to worry about bothering your neighborhood with loud noise.

Simply hold the Kalimba with both hands and pluck the keys using your thumbs and forefingers. You may also search online for the notes of your favorite song as a guide. This instrument is available on Ben and Bart’s official website for Php 1,750.

Try diamond painting.

Another hobby that is becoming popular these days is diamond painting. Instead of paint, you use tiny bits of colored resin “diamonds” to “paint” the canvas. Sticking the synthetic crystals to the canvas can be relaxing and stress-relieving.

Choose from PinkShop_MNL’s artistic designs that range from sceneries, movie and cartoon characters, plants and mandala to Japanese doll designs, and more. Each set comes with a canvass, drill pen and tray, gum mud, and packs of round resin diamonds. Prices vary per design.

PinkShop_MNL offers same-day delivery within Metro Manila via Grab Express. Place your order by sending them a message on Viber at 0906-2472141.

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