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Bodega Makeover! A Couple Turned This Old Space Into A Lovely Home In Only Two Months

Bodega Makeover! A Couple Turned This Old Space Into A Lovely Home In Only Two Months
Images courtesy of Marilyn Solayao

This pandemic has really allowed us to put a lot more attention into our homes. It usually starts with just one corner, just one room, an entire area, and you hardly realize how much you’ve already accomplished because hey, time flies when you’re having fun. As people are finding the time to do home renovations that they have been putting off, then posting the results on social media, the rest of us become even more inspired to do our own!

In the highly popular Facebook community Home Buddies, which has over 2.6 million members actively sharing tips and suggestions, you’ll find so much inspiration—from the most beautiful home décor to the best cleaning appliances, and of course, the most dramatic renovations too.

Marilyn Solayao is one of those people who were able to make their renovation dreams come true. The 29-year-old online seller and entrepreneur and her family recently celebrated one month since they moved into their new home, and what better way to celebrate than sharing their success with a post on Home Buddies.

Marilyn and her husband bought the place in January 2020 with the intention of putting it up for rent, but this became a challenge when the pandemic had everyone on lockdown starting March. So instead, Marilyn used the space as a bodega or stockroom for her business.

The couple, however, felt that they could put the space to better use. They decided that, in order for them to get renters, they will have to improve the overall look of the place, so they began their home renovations in March 2021. After two months, their project was done and they are now owners of a lovely home.

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Initially, the entire space looked old with its walls badly needing a new coat of paint. The doors, windows, and the ceiling also needed a lot of fixing.

The couple filled the rooms with mainly gray and black colors that complement their white walls to achieve an overall clean look. They brightened the gray living room with colorful throw pillows and added a mannequin sporting a swimsuit as an interesting focal point to the space.

Marilyn says that they used a lot of gray in their living room because it is her husband’s favorite color. Their warm and homey living room is now their family’s favorite hangout place.

When it came to designing the different areas of the house, the couple didn’t need to hire outside help as they wanted to plan the interior and choose their own furniture themselves.

Marilyn says that it was timely that she came across Home Buddies just as they were about to start renovating their property. From the group, she and her husband were able to gather a lot of ideas and inspiration for the interior of their new home.

Sa pagbili naman ng mga materyales, nag-canvass muna kami. Sa tulong ng mga kaibigan namin at mga referral nila, nakita naming kung saan kami makakamura,” Marilyn says. She’s very thankful of her friends who have helped them finish their home renovation. “Kahit ‘yung labor ng mga trabahador ay discounted kasi mga kaibigan namin sila,” she adds.

Konting budget lang sana, pero gano’n pala talaga ‘pag nagpapagawa ka ng bahay. ‘Yung budget mo, hindi mo na mamamalayan na palaki na nang palaki,” Marilyn says. “Pero masaya naman kami sa kinalabasan dahil hindi ganito kaganda yung ine-expect namin,” she adds.

All in all, it took Marilyn and her husband around Php 250,000 to finish renovating the whole house, from the start of reconstruction to placing final touches around the rooms.

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The online seller says she is also thankful that her business was doing well while the construction of the house was ongoing, allowing them to push through with the renovation.

For those who are planning their own home renovations, Marilyn shares some tips:

  • If you are to hire help, hire people you trust that will be good at the job.

    Skill is your top priority. But of course, establishing a good relationship with these people will ensure a smoother and much more efficient renovation process for you.

  • Check and compare prices before buying.

Sa pagbili ng gamit, lagi naming pinag-co-compare ‘yung mga [prices]. Lagi rin kaming nagche-check online. Malaki kasi ‘yung matitipid kapag ganito.” By canvassing, you’ll know where you can get the best value for your money.

Marilyn reminds everyone that even small progress is still progress. You might only be able to start with a small corner of your home right now, but the important thing is to keep going! You will have the home of your dreams, too!

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