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Boo! Here Are 14 Halloween Costume Ideas Based On Your Favorite Netflix Shows

Boo! Here Are 14 Halloween Costume Ideas Based On Your Favorite Netflix Shows
Image by @lizasoberano @netflixph / Instagram

Halloween is just two weeks away, and while it’s another anticipated season we’re (most likely) going to spend in quarantine, it doesn’t mean it has to be boring. So, why don’t you dress up with your family and prepare a little trick or treat at home? No outside guests, of course!

Since the pandemic started, you probably couldn’t count anymore how many shows you have binge-watched on Netflix. How about we make our favorite movies and series part of this Halloween celebration? On October 31st, channel your favorite fictional character, play a few games with your family, and maybe have a virtual party with your friends! Below, we listed a few costume ideas for you.

First on the list, as expected, is Netflix’s most popular show ever, “Squid Game”!

One of the players

This one’s probably the easiest to copy. You just need a track suit and maybe an improvised number then just slap it on your suit! We found a replica on Shopee too, if you want to be ~extra~.

The Front Man

How about a long black coat and his mask? If you want to be in charge, you should come as no other than the Front Man. Check out a replica of the mask on Shopee.

The Doll

You would probably agree with us when we say that this doll gives us the creeps. Good thing that Halloween’s meant to be scary. We found a kiddie sized costume on Shopee!

A Red Suit Guard

What is with red jumpsuits lately? Apparently, it’s the trendiest costume these days. So, why don’t you join the hype as a lowkey red suit guard? Of course, we found one on Shopee for you.

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A character from “Money Heist”

Speaking of red jumpsuits, Netflix’s Money Heist probably wins the trendsetter award. The famous red jumpsuit plus Salvador Dali mask fit is still relevant up to this day, given how popular the show is even after the release of Season 5. Still a cool revolutionary costume, if you ask us.

A counter from “The Uncanny Counter”

Here’s our last entry for the red jumpsuits. Why not channel your inner counter and try to banish evil spirits roaming around on the day of the dead?

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A Duke or Duchess from “Bridgerton”

We have all probably fantasized about being royalty at least once in our lives. Well, Halloween’s your chance to dress up as a Duke or Duchess. Do it!

A doctor from “Hospital Playlist”

Are you missing your favorite squad? Then why don’t you pretend to work at Yulje Medical Center as one of the doctors just for one day?

Vincenzo from “Vincenzo”

Suit, yes. Mafia, yes. Lawyer, yes. Probably cool to sport the badass Vincenzo look for Halloween, huh?

Emily from “Emily in Paris”

Time for your Parisian dreams to shine. Fashion and Paris will always be the best duo! Channel your best fashionista looks and grab a baguette while you’re at it.

Lady in the Lake from “The Haunting of Bly Manor”

You know, it’s not Halloween if it isn’t spooky. You might want to go all out this year and pretend to be the Lady in the Lake. Also, maybe make sure to give your family members a warning before donning the dress.

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Joe from “You”

Want to keep it casual but still creepy? Maybe put yourself in Joe’s shoes for Halloween—plus a baseball cap and crazy eyes. Yikes. Just don’t hide someone in a glass box, please.

Nanno from “Girl from Nowhere”

Put on your school uniform and transfer schools yearly like Nanno. How about get her signature full bangs too? It’s undeniable that she’s super creepy. Even better if you can copy her revenge laugh. Sawadee kha, Nanno na kha!

Alexandra Trese from “Trese”

Hey, let’s raise our country’s flag this Halloween! Alexandra Trese is pretty badass, too. Put on a long black coat with your handy Sinag, then you’re good to go. You can check this cosplay vlog for inspiration too!

What Halloween activities can you do at home?

Halloween Heist

If you’re a “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” fan, you know what the Halloween Heist is. Every year, the 99th precinct fight over a cummerbund, and whoever has it at 12 midnight wins the game! Maybe you can do your own version of the heist with your family.

Red Light, Green Light

Okay, so another Squid game reference. Why don’t you play red light, green light with your family too? It can actually be fun. You know, minus the snipers.

Happy Halloween!

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