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“Chief Hong Is The Standard”: Why Kim Seon Ho’s Character In #HomeCha Is Everyone’s Ideal Man

“Chief Hong Is The Standard”: Why Kim Seon Ho’s Character In #HomeCha Is Everyone’s Ideal Man
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Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” has served as a lighthouse for many people during these dark times. If you’ve watched the last 12 episodes, you’ll know exactly why it reached number 8 on the global charts, following the success of the hit series Squid Game sitting in the top spot. 

The undeniable chemistry of the “dimple” couple has made us all swoon and laugh while kicking the bed and crying both sad and happy tears in between. They have made every single fan of the show look forward to weekends even more! We got to thank one half of the #SikHye couple Chief Hong (Kim Seon Ho) aka Dusik aka Hong Banjang for the endless *kilig* and heart-fluttering moments! 


Everyone’s saying that when it comes to choosing the man in your life, Hong Banjang is the standard. Here are some reasons why he got us swimming in Romantic Sundays. Warning: spoilers ahead!

He drops everything just to protect the people he loves.

Despite being tired after a whole day’s work, Dusik went out of his way to help Halmeoni Kim Gam-Ri (Kim Young-Ok) after she sprained her ankle. He immediately rushed to Gam-Ri’s house and carried her on his back to the senior center. Still our “good boy,” indeed, IYWIM.

Since Dusik has had countless part-time jobs, his only rule was to take breaks seriously. He denied everyone his help on his day-off, but he ran barefoot to Yoon Hye-Jin’s, aka Ms. Dentist (Shin Min-A), as soon as he got news that a man attacked her and her best friend. Chivalry is not dead!

He is hardworking, and knows the value of money.

When you watch the first episode, you’d think that there’s 48 hours in Dusik’s day. He really doesn’t stop grinding! He works so MANY jobs, and he gets paid by the hour. Hands down.

In the first episode, Hye-Jin needed to borrow money since she had no cash, and all the ATM machines were not working. Instead of lending the money, Dusik made her work for it. Chief Hong is a man with principles.

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He genuinely takes care of (literally) everyone in Gongjin, without asking for credit.

In most of the episodes, you’ll see how Hong Banjang takes care of the entire Gongjin village. He roams around to check up on them, informs them about network outages, and even brings them milk in the morning. He also knows most, if not all, of the people who live there and learned how to communicate with everyone in their respective language (both foreign and sign). He does this out of his own will and concern. What a guy!

Chief Hong also checked up on Hye-Jin every night when there was an offender on the loose. He had the streetlights fixed after the intruder incident, so Hye-Jin would feel safer when she walks home. He also installed window security locks in her home when she was in Seoul. He is truly boyfriend material!

He calls you out when you make mistakes.

In the first few episodes, Hye-Jin had a completely different lifestyle and she had contradicting beliefs. Her being frank and honest caused the other villagers to feel hurt with her words and actions. Dusik didn’t hesitate to call her out on her unacceptable behavior and made her realize her mistakes. He also helped her apologize and make it up to them.

He’s talented and skilled in so many ways.

Chief Hong would not be the all-around go-to person of everyone in Gongjin if he didn’t have multiple licenses! He’s good in so many things—coffee-making, woodwork, house renovation, cooking, and even singing. He also knows an awful lot about languages, wine, and books! What’s your secret, Dusik?

He communicates his feelings.

After Hye-Jin and Dusik kissed, Hye-Jin just assumed that he likes her back and decided to go home, but Dusik stopped her and told her about his actual feelings straightforwardly with nofrills. Where can we find a man like him?

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He knows how to apologize and to forgive.

He is not afraid to admit his mistakes. When he misjudged Ms. Dentist, he quickly apologized. He also forgave her after all their misunderstandings and arguments and didn’t hold grudges.

When he acted petty because he was jealous, he went to Hye-Jin’s place to say sorry. Not just that, his apology was very detailed too. He really is the standard.

He’s the opposite of toxic masculinity.

When Hye-Jin bought herself a necklace worth 5 million won, she thought she made Dusik feel little and threatened. But Dusik told her that she should never worry about how he views her actions. You bought yourself a gift with the money you worked hard to earn.” He respects Hye-Jin’s independence, and he wasn’t fazed at all. Men, please take notes.

He puts in effort and is actually a ~romantic~.

Hong Banjang marked the date of their “official” relationship on his desk calendar. With a big red heart. How cute is that? He’s such a baby.

In the most recent episode, he surprised Hye-Jin with a beachfront bonfire under the stars. Hong Banjang also gave her a jewelry box he made himself, then he said “I love you” for the first time. Dear future boyfriend, please learn from this scene!

He looks dreamy!

This is probably the cherry on top. We can all agree that looks aren’t as important as values and personality, but Chief Hong simply has it all. Everything about him is likeable—his dimples, smile, laugh, humor, and overall character. BRB, moving to Gongjin ASAP!

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