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DIY Queen: Julie Eigenmann’s Home Projects Will Make You Want To Get Your Own Power Tools

DIY Queen: Julie Eigenmann’s Home Projects Will Make You Want To Get Your Own Power Tools
Image by Julie Eigenmann / Instagram

When hunting for crafting or DIY inspiration, you’ll find an endless source of creativity on Instagram, from home improvements to restorations, upcycling and interior design. Many of them are not even professionals -- just individuals with remarkable talent and an eye for beauty.

One DIYer mom that has caught our attention is Julie Eigenmann, whose Instagram account, filled with numerous home projects like renovations, organizing, and cleaning, is bound to inspire you.

You’ll be blown away by the work she has done to transform different parts of their house that need refreshing. She uploads some of her videos with how-to captions, tips, and ideas so anyone can easily follow the steps.

Julie says she grew up with her grandmother who taught her to be resourceful, and her dad who was a DIYer himself, thus, she developed the same hobby which she continues to enjoy now that she is a wife and mom.


“I didn’t have much time to do it when I was still working, but now that I’m retired, I have more time for it -- more time creating, building, and sharing what I know through my social media platforms,” the 47-year-old shares.

“I’ve been doing this since I moved out and had my first apartment at 22 years old. More when we moved to the States and lived there for 5 years [since] labor there is very expensive, so better to really do it yourself,” she adds.

DIY Tips

When planning a DIY project at home, Julie always takes into consideration the practicality of it: Is it doable? Will she end up spending more than if she just bought the item or hired someone to do a particular project?

“A lot of people, including myself, think that some projects are doable, until you start it and you realize that it’s not. Like, ‘What did I get myself into?’”

Now, Julie has been doing most of their home repairs and even creates special projects at least once a month. She says it’s a lot easier and cheaper to do these projects now since she has already invested in power tools.

On her annual visits to her daughter, stepmom, and siblings in the States, she says she never leaves without giving their place a little refresh. “My dad passed away two years ago, so I felt I had to take his place in the DIY department,” Julie shares.

Julie’s Favorite Projects

Pantry Pull-out Ledges

Julie thought of a way to make the most of their small pantry by installing DIY pull-out ledges. After some wood cutting, sanding, drilling, and painting, there was instantly a lot more space because of the sliding shelves. “No more bending over or tiptoeing to reach the back. And the sensor lights help me see better. Hallelu!,” she captioned the video tutorial on Instagram.


 Balcony Refresh

The outdoor space in condominium units is usually limited, and Julie wanted to make theirs cozier by bringing in more natural elements, but without the hassle of a major renovation.

“If you live in a rental condo, anything you put out there has to be temporary, and easy to take apart without damage, should you have to move,” Julie wrote on her post. To achieve her goal, she worked on adding a wooden deck flooring for a more tropical feel. She added more pebbles, river rocks, and decking tiles.

“Our balcony now is like an outdoor extension of our living space! I just love how it just opened up our space and makes the living room and the balcony flow into each other, “Julie captioned.

In the video, her husband, actor Michael de Mesa, shows his approval with a two-thumbs-up sign: “You’re the best! Ang galling.”

Her Daughter’s Study Area

When she went to the States in early 2020, one of the projects Julie worked on was her daughter’s study area. “Clutter really competes with your attention. So I wanted her study area to be organized and super functional,” she captioned her post.

Using a linen pin board and floating ledge she found on sale at Target, Julie organized her young lady’s study table and tamed the exposed cables using a power strip holder. “I really hope my daughter can do her best work here,” she adds.

Apart from DIY projects, Julie also loves to organize and declutter at home.

In a separate post, Julie gave a virtual tour of her laundry area and highlighted the items that make it functional and pretty (bet you can’t say the same of your laundry area): a framed stain removal guide, a lost socks hanger, a three-tiered cart for the laundry products, and a wall-mounted clothes hanger, among them.

Julie also gave their coffee corner at home a glow-up with a few simple tweaks. The result? “like I had my own Starbucks at home.” Take a look:

On Valentine’s Day, she posted a video of how she sorts through their stuff, based on Martha Stewart’s ‘Four-box Formula’.

She also gave some tips and ideas to help you decide what to keep and what to toss away, why you should donate, and how you can make money out of your unwanted items while enjoying the ones you’re keeping.

Have you been wanting to redo your place? You can do it too! All you need is to find some inspiration for ideas and follow tips and hacks from DIYers like Julie to make your home projects and renovation experience a breeze.

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