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Do You Tend To Overspend? Here Are 7 Apps That Will Help You Stay On Budget

Do You Tend To Overspend? Here Are 7 Apps That Will Help You Stay On Budget
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Saving money is never easy for most people, because it takes a lot of discipline and willpower to stay consistent. There are a lot of methods you can follow to properly budget your finances, like the 50-30-20 rule, but it’s often easier said than done these days, considering how apps have made shopping and food delivery highly accessible.

We know your struggles, and we hear you! But first, let’s all agree that we can’t afford to be reckless about our finances—it is hard-earned money, after all, and who knows when we’ll need it for emergencies? If you can’t rely on your willpower, here are some free applications to use so you can spend smarter:


Mint is regarded as the all-time best free budgeting app. Because it is user-friendly, it has over 25 million users and is considered as one of the most popular finance tracker apps. It is available on the Apple store, Google Play store, or even on the web browser.

Mint connects your financial accounts and organizes all your spending and transactions. You can also track all your monthly dues in one place. They also assure the security of your bank information by hiring hackers every now and then to check on their system. Cool, right?

Download Mint here.


PocketGuard is made for overspenders. The app aims to help you with five goals: always know how much is in your pocket, keep tabs on your spending, pay your debts off with ease, see all accounts in one place, and track and lower your bills.

PocketGuard’s mission is to prevent you from overspending. The app uses an algorithm to check your spending habits through your bank accounts and credit cards, through which they will devise a strategy or plan to help you keep tabs on your expenses, and eventually lessen them.

Download PocketGuard here.

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Honeydue is a budgeting app for couples so you can “stay on the same page” as your partner. It allows you to access and track the finances of each other. You can also choose what not to share.

You can categorize your spending and also add custom lists. You can even chat within the app so you can keep your ~money talk~ in one space. Definitely a need!

Download Honeydue here.


Zeta is another budgeting app for couples. It caters to all kinds of couples—whether dating, living together, engaged, co-parenting, or married. Just like Honeydue, all your finances and bills will be in one place.

Zeta explains, “As our generation redefines what relationships even are, we’ve built an interactive guide [app] to helping you and your significant other figure out how to handle and combine your finances.”

Download Zeta here.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is considered as the best app for wealth management. It is mainly an investment tool, but you can still use it for budgeting and tracking your expenses. You can sync your accounts to see an overview of your finances and transactions. 

The app helps you see how you have been spending over time so you can make adjustments moving forward. You can even enter home and car values and link real estate websites. It is also easy to use when transacting because the app automatically classifies them under their correct category.

 Download Personal Capital here.

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Notion is an all-around workspace that you can also use primarily for your finances. Since it has a user-friendly interface, you can do so much with this application. It won’t be difficult to get a hang of it because everything will be customized to your liking.

Notion has free budgeting templates that you can use. You can also create your own templates so they can better fit your needs. This is especially convenient for existing Notion users since they can track everything in one place.

Download Notion here.

Microsoft Excel

Well, nothing beats the classic and OG spreadsheet. If you’re not a fan of all the complicated and new apps, you can always go back to Microsoft Excel. It is easily available even on your mobile device.

You can simply list and track all of your expenses and separate your income. You don’t need to know all of the functions on excel, but a lot of tutorials are also available online. It’s still a tried-and-tested go-to computing app.

Download Excel here.

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