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Gabbi Garcia & Khalil Ramos’ Food Vlog Recommend These 8 Metro Manila Restaurants

Gabbi Garcia & Khalil Ramos’ Food Vlog Recommend These 8 Metro Manila Restaurants
Image by @frontseatfoodies / Instagram

Celebrity couple Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos launched their very own culinary and travel show on July 15 titled Front-Seat Foodies, a “passion project that we started out of our love for food” (they even have their own jingle!).

Together for three years now, Gabbi and Khalil have always expressed their love for food in Gabbi’s vlogs on her personal YouTube channel. Since they realized how copious their food vlogs were, they decided to start an entire show about it.

Front-Seat Foodies takes on the popular mukbang trend with a little twist. To make sure they stay safe amid the pandemic, they have to eat everything they order inside a parked car.

In the first season, Front-Seat Foodies focused on Metro Manila gems. Here’s a run-down of all the restaurants they tried out and recommended:

Episode 1: Goto Monster

Goto Monster is located at Primo Rivera corner Pablo Ocampo Sr. Extension, La Paz, Makati. Gabbi, 22, and Khalil, 25, mentioned that the restaurant has been a staple in their relationship—it’s their ultimate comfort food and guilty pleasure. The idea to start the show actually came from a time they were eating Goto Monster [in the car] mid-pandemic.

“It’s a bit pricier than your typical Goto, but that’s because of the big serving and premium ingredients used by Goto monster.”

For this episode, they ordered Fresh Spring Rolls for Php 175, Goto Bagnet for Php 150, Goto Chicharon Bulaklak for Php 150, and Tokwa’t Bagnet for Php 150.

Verdict: Worth it!

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Episode 2: Sweet Ecstasy

Sweet Ecstasy currently has seven branches: Jupiter, Greenhills, Scout Tobias, Molito, Ortigas, MOA, and BF Homes. The first time Gabbi and Khalil tried Sweet Ecstasy’s burgers [together] was after being stuck in a 3-hour traffic. The restaurant actually ranked third in Big 7 Travel’s blog about the best burger places in Asia. For this episode, the Front-Seat Foodies ordered everything in the resto’s menu.

There was a Hamburger for Php 230, a Cheeseburger for Php 260, Kamote fries for Php 140, Ecstasy Fries for Php 150, a Steamed burger for Php 270, a Grilled Cheeseburger for Php 340, Pepenos for Php 155, Burger fries for Php 245, a Western burger for Php 350, and a Peanut Butter Jalapeno burger for Php 290.

Verdict: Tied at #1: Grilled Cheeseburger and Steamed burger, #2: Cheeseburger, #3: Hamburger, and #4: Western burger.

Episode 3: Panaderya Toyo

Panaderya Toyo is located at The Alley at Karrivin (2316 Chino Roces Avenue), Makati. It’s a day-time extension of the award-winning restaurant Toyo Eatery which makes Filipino pastries with a little twist. Khalil says it’s not your ordinary breakfast food.

“All their breads are sourdough based. They don’t use anything commercially produced. Everything is natural. Super healthy.”

Gabbi and Khalil ordered an Egg sandwich for Php 380, Longganisa sandwich for Php 380, Pan de coco for Php 120, Mango Pagong for Php 120, Pan de Regla for Php 120, Ham & Cheese croissant for Php 160, Pandesal by Toyo for 120, Pinya’t Pork Pagong for Php 120, Pandesal with Mango cashew for Php 160, Smoked Tinapa for Php 120, and Sagada Iced Mountain tea for Php 150.

Verdict: Worth every carb!

Episode 4: Panda Express

Panda Express is a fast-food chain originally from the U.S. serving American-Chinese cuisine, and currently has three branches in the Philippines: SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, and DD Meridian Express.

For Episode 4 of Front-Seat Foodies, Gabbi and Khalil each ordered a “bigger plate” which has 3 entrees and 3 sides for Php 350. They got Orange Chicken, Black Pepper Beef, Chow Mein, Honey Walnut Shrimp, Mongolian Pork, Kung Pao Chicken, Fried Rice, and Fortune Cookies.

Verdict: Comforting, and it satisfied their cravings!

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Episode 5: Jim’s Pares and Mami

Located at 1739 Maria Orosa St. Malate, Manila. Jim’s Pares and Mami is known among foodies and has a lot of great reviews. It has also been the subject of many vlogs. The eatery was established in 1999 and was featured in Tikim TV’s Manila Street Food series.

Two bowls of Pares for Php 140 and two bowls of Mami for Php 140 later, the duo seem satisfied with their order.

Verdict: Feels like [a rainy day at] home! + worth trying!

Episode 6: Bungalow

Bungalow is a café and bakery located at Molito Complex, Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa. While they have ready-made donuts and pastries,  you would need to pre-order through their website at least a week prior to taste their best-sellers.

Gabbi and Khalil ordered a box of assorted filled donuts for Php 280, Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Croissant for Php 185, Pistachio Pain Au Chocolat for Php 180, Homer Doughnut for Php 80, and Auro Glazed Doughnut for Php 75.

Verdict: Super good and you get what you wait for!

Episode 7: Lazy Ouef by Metronome

Lazy Ouef is located at The Grand Midori Makati along Bolanos St. in Legazpi Village. Their foie gras burger has been creating a lot of buzz on the Internet, and Gabbi says it’s her first time to experience that kind of mix.

They ordered Truffle Mac n’ Cheese for Php 575, French Onion Burger for Php 450 with Pan-seared Foie Gras for Php 350, BBQ Pork Belly Confit in Brioche for Php 450, and Brownie Moelleux with Salted Caramel and Pecans for Php 350.

Verdict: The foie gras is on point!

Episode 8: Wagyu Studio

For the last episode of their first season, the Front-Seat Foodies went to Wagyu Studio. Located at the Ground Floor of The Finance Center along 26th St. in Taguig, the restaurant made a lot of waves when it opened in January. Gabbi says you don’t only pay for the quality of the food but also for the experience, the ambience, and the authentic Japanese cuisine created by their chef Yoji Kitayama.

They ordered Kobe Beef Garlic rice for Php 3000, The Noodle for Php 700, Gyudon for Php 1680, Wagyu Studio Burger Steak for Php 1680, and the Chateaubriand Sando for Php 8960.

Verdict: The beef at Wagyu Studio melts in your mouth! It’s a luxury experience that’s worth your money.

Front-Seat Foodies concluded its first season on September 3 because of lockdown restrictions, but promised to be back after a two-to-three-week break. Don’t worry foodies, there’s a season two!

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