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Get A Government-Issued ID In 3 Weeks. Here’s How To Apply For A Postal ID In The Philippines

Get A Government-Issued ID In 3 Weeks. Here’s How To Apply For A Postal ID In The Philippines
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The lockdown has probably made you realize the importance of having a valid, government-issued ID. If you’re going out to get groceries and other necessities, besides the quarantine pass, you’ll need to show proof of identification. Using your credit card for a purchase with a substantial amount? The cashier will ask for your ID. At the very least, a valid ID is one of the primary essentials you should always have in your wallet when going out. One of the most secure, yet easiest government-issued IDs you can apply for is the Postal ID.

While primarily intended to document local and international postal transactions, the Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) ID, more commonly known as the Postal ID, is also the most accessible identification card for citizens who need a legitimate proof of identity or residence.

The Postal ID has been equipped with added security features starting April 2016, including the ghost image of the cardholder’s photo, a mailman hologram, an embedded QR code to confirm your identity via the Postal ID verification app, and an Automated Fingerprint Identification System that can compare and match fingerprints against the database.

If you’re planning to get a Postal ID, here’s what you need to know and a step-by-step guide.


Who may apply for a Postal ID?

All Filipinos residing in the country, or those living abroad but were in the Philippines at the time of application, may obtain the improved Postal ID.

Foreign residents who have been staying in the Philippines for at least six months prior to application may also apply.


Where can I apply for a Postal ID?

You may submit your application at any post office. However, since your biometrics, personal data, and photo are acquired on-site, it makes sense to go to the post office nearest you. The Postal ID is printed in the same post office where your photo was captured to avoid duplication, and to ensure that all information is accurate.


What are the documents needed in applying for a Postal ID?

You must bring an original and photocopy of your duly-accomplished Postal ID application form, which you can download here.

Provide one proof of identity like your birth certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Office (formerly NSO) or local civil registry, your SSS or GSIS card, your passport, or your driver’s license.

If you can’t provide any of the primary requirements for identification, you may present any two of the following documents, one of which must include your signature and photo: baptismal certificate, birth certificate, BIR ID, basic Postal ID, confirmation certificate, company ID, elementary or high school Form 137, Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID, marriage certificate, alumni ID, NBI Clearance, OWWA ID, Pag-IBIG Fund ID, paper-based Postal ID, PhilHealth ID, PRC ID, police clearance, seaman’s book, Senior Citizen ID, TIN card, or voter’s ID.

A proof of residence is the third requirement for a Postal ID application. In this step, you are required to present any of the following documents:

  • Bank statement
  • Barangay Certificate of Residency issued within three months before your Postal ID application
  • Certified True Copy of Lease
  • Certified True Copy of Real Estate Tax
  • Certified True Copy of Titles from the Land Registration Authority
  • Credit card statement
  • School bill
  • Utility bill (electric, landline, water, internet, etc.)

Foreign residents applying for a Postal ID must also submit two duly-accomplished application forms and proof of identity.

As proof of identity, a passport that was issued at least six months before application is required and one evidence of stay in the Philippines, which could be any of the following:

  • Alien Certificate of Registration Identity card (ACRI-card)
  • Diplomatic visa
  • Long Stay Visitor Visa Extension (LSVVE)
  • Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)
  • Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV)

As proof of address, you must present any of the documents mentioned above.


How do I file my Postal ID application?

There are only three steps to the whole Postal ID application process.

1. Bring your accomplished application forms along with your other supporting documents to the post office. Pay Php 504 for regular processing or Php 650 for rush applications.

2. Once your papers are approved, go to the nearest ID capture station, where you will be photographed, and your fingerprints will be scanned. There are 260 stations nationwide, including those in selected malls.

3. Wait for your Postal ID to be delivered to your home address.


When will I receive my Postal ID?

Processing of Postal IDs takes about 15 working days if you reside within Metro Manila, 20 days for other major cities and municipalities, and four to five weeks for island provinces and isolated barangays.

If you’re in a hurry, PHLPost can process rush applications so you can pick up your Postal ID the next day. The fee for rush applications is Php 650. However, only selected post offices accept rush applications: Manila, Makati, Las Piñas, Parañaque, Quezon City, and Valenzuela. 


For how long is the Postal ID valid?

According to PHLPost, the Postal ID is valid for three years if you’re a Filipino, or a foreign resident with SRRV. It’s valid for one year for foreigners living in the Philippines who don’t have the SRRV.

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