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Get Dinnerware, Scented Candles, And Other ‘Tita’ Home Essentials From These 6 Online Shops

Get Dinnerware, Scented Candles, And Other ‘Tita’ Home Essentials From These 6 Online Shops
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Have you ever felt excited passing by a furniture or appliance store? If buying home decorations, kitchen appliances, or even simple organizers for your home office gives you a sense of fulfillment, then it is a sign that you are on the road to becoming a “Tita”.

As you hit your mid- to late-20’s, you might notice how your preferences begin to change, i.e., you’d rather stay home or at a café reading a good book while sipping coffee, and you become more comfortable keeping yourself company as you grow up. Not only does purchasing simpler and more practical needs for your home make you feel at ease, you also find it therapeutic.

We may not be able to go out during the pandemic to enjoy our “Tita’s day out,” but we can definitely indulge in some online shopping – yet another Tita pastime. Here are five online shops where you can score great finds.


Platita MNL

If you are looking for aesthetically pleasing dinnerware that won’t break the bank, this online store is it. Platita MNL offers trendy and stylish dinnerware made from ceramic and melamine, like coffee mugs, tea sets, cutleries, champagne flutes, dried flowers, and minimalist vases to elevate your dining experience at home.

Upgrade your dinnerware with the Maxwell Hand Painted Dinner Plate at Php 249/piece.

The Glazed Oceana Ramen Bowl is available at Php 149/piece.

Get the Lavender Victorian Tea Sets for Php 199/set.

Platita MNL is available on Facebook and Instagram.

Kahoy Philippines

If you are looking for eco-friendly and sustainable dinnerware at an affordable price, you will absolutely love Kahoy Philippines. They have high-quality yet budget-friendly handcrafted wooden dinnerware to support local woodworkers from different provinces in the Philippines.

Accentuate your home dining experience with the Salad Bowl Set at Php 399.

The Acacia Cake Stand is available for Php 599.

Get the Abaca Basket for Php 199.

The bestselling Acacia Coasters are available for Php 389/set of 4 pieces.

While you wine and dine with these locally-made wooden dinnerware, you also support and advocate for every hardworking woodworker in the country.

Kahoy Philippines is available on Instagram and Lazada.


Dapitan Arcade

Dapitan Arcade has been a haven for home decorators, interior designers, and DIYers for years now because almost every piece is sold at an affordable and reasonable price (plus, you can haggle!) 

Physically located in Dapitan corner Kanlaon Streets in Quezon City, Dapitan Arcade can get especially crowded right before Halloween and Christmas pre-pandemic. In August 2020, as a way to serve its customers during the lockdown, Dapitan Arcade launched its online platform. As in the physical store, they showcase a wide variety of products in their online store, from home decorations like lanterns, containers, lamps, wood racks, and vases, to vintage dinnerware and Christmas accessories.

Level up your living space with these Rattan Ottoman / Floor Chairs for Php 1,650 each.

Add some exotic charm to your living space with the Moroccan Table Lamp for Php 2,100.

Why not place your plants where everyone can see them with this Hanging Ceramic Planter for Php 700 (6 inches)?

Dapitan Arcade is available online.

Spruce Plant Shop

Plants, known for their air-purifying abilities, have become a movement among people from all walks of life. They have made quarantine more bearable as they provide a sense of calm in your home and promote productivity and self-care.  

Spruce Plant Shop offers a variety of potted plants, gift sets, and accessories that are perfect for beginners, as well as for certified ‘plantitas’.

Related plantitas

If you are looking for low maintenance plants, score the Sansevieria ‘Bacularis’ in Monopot for Php 390.


The Sansevieria ‘Hybrid’ in Clay Pot is a great indoor or outdoor plant too, for Php 430.

Trust us, you can’t kill the Heartleaf Philodendron in Claypot, Php 750.


Spruce has an existing physical store at 170 Dos Castillas Street, Barangay Pasadena, San Juan City and a pop-up store in Power Plant Mall. Their products are also available online and on Instagram.


LumiCandles PH 

Another great ‘Tita’ find are candles, which uplift the ambiance and mood of any indoor or outdoor space. Lumi Candles PH sells handcrafted scented soy candles that are 100% organic and non-toxic. They aim to inspire rising local brands to be environmentally conscious and embrace Mother Nature in their designs.

Get the coffee shop vibe while working from home with Caffe Latte, Php 350.

Enjoy fruit notes in a candle with Honeydew Melon, Php 350.

There’s nothing like the aroma of Lavender to help you relax, available for Php 350.



LumiCandles PH is available online and on Instagram.


Mandaue Foam

With over 40 years of existence in the foam and furniture industry, Mandaue Foam provides quality and reasonably priced home essentials like furniture, dining tables, pillows, bed frames, and other decorative items for your indoor and outdoor living spaces. Whether you need a nice centerpiece or a new lounge chair to unwind in, simply browse through Mandaue Foam’s website and you will find what you are looking for in no time.

Get the hotel feel in your bedroom with the C6 Beddings set (Twin pillowcase, comforter, and fitted sheet) for Php 1,699.

Get Throw Pillows to match your mood, from Php 120 to Php 189.

This Audrey Plastic Side Table will certainly be the center of attention, available for Php 1,200.

Mandaue Foam is available online, on Lazada, and on Shopee.

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