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Here’s How The BTS ARMYs Celebrated Jungkook’s Birthday Pinoy-Style

Here’s How The BTS ARMYs Celebrated Jungkook’s Birthday Pinoy-Style
Image courtesy of Sam Sarmiento

Jeon Jungkook, the youngest member of the multi-awarded boy band BTS, celebrated his 24th birthday on September 1 (although, in Korean age, he’s already 25). He is called the “Golden Maknae” because of his many talents, which is one of the many reasons his fans love him!

K-pop stans are known to go all out for their idols, and on Jungkook’s birthday, the ARMYs prepared something special for him in their own ways. A lot of them bought cakes, put up balloons and decorations, prepared a picnic, sent care packages, and even had tarpaulins made. They were also able to trend a few hashtags and phrases on Twitter such as #HappyJKDay, #HappyBirthdayJK, and #HappyJungkookDay.

Sam Sarmiento, 24, shares that her whole family is a fan of BTS. They started to stan BTS just last year during the Dynamite era of the group.

My whole family is an ARMY, and we all have our own biases! Basically, when it's your bias’s birthday you'll be the one assigned to buy the cake.

They prepared a feast for Jungkook’s birthday while wearing an all-pink outfit. They also put up a tarpaulin of the singer. Their cake is Kookie’s face–Jungkook’s BT21 character.

“It's hard to pinpoint one thing or event that made me an ARMY. I asked other ARMYs why they started to stan BTS and almost everyone had the same story. It all started because [of curiosity], then poof! That's it, you're in it for life! If you're an ARMY, you'll love everything about them, from their songs, performances, looks, and most of all, their personalities,” she shares.

Sam also mentioned that she and her family already had all of the BTS members’ (even Korean actors) birthdays and special events planned for the whole year. Whoever likes the specific member the most is tasked to prepare the entire celebration.

Sam and her family also celebrate the group’s comebacks and anniversaries. “We celebrate any event or occasion related to BTS. My favorite one was our set-up during the Festa/Sowoozoo concert. I made a TikTok about it and a lot of ARMYs noticed it because of our set-up. Another one was when we were in Boracay, and we looked for a bakery to create the cake for J-hope's birthday. We brought the tarps all the way from Manila,” she narrates.

When asked why they prepare for the important events of the members, she replied, “It's one of our ways to celebrate with them! We may not know them personally, but we want to celebrate with them since they have impacted our lives in such a good way.”

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Twenty-four-year-old Reneé Sangalang became an ARMY just a year ago in October. She became intrigued and got hooked with the boy group after watching their Dynamite performance and carpool karaoke with James Corden.

Aside from the fact that their music just SPEAKS to you, I love how they are individually and as a [group]. Their personality, their wit, and the bond that they share made me feel so "at home"... how they are on stage and off stage is no different full of love, full of energy and full passion. Honestly speaking, they made 2020 so much better for me,” she shares.

On Jungkook’s birthday, Reneé prepared goodie bags for her friends. “Because work was also hectic that day, I made sure to prepare these goodie bags for my ARMY besties to celebrate a day before.

I was supposed to give out mini cakes, but then I realized how expensive that will be, and that my friends won't eventually be able to eat it all. And so, I gave some of Jungkook's favorite snacks instead. My colleague who is also an ARMY helped me by making these personalized cup sleeves and sticker packs. I also ordered a cake for me and my colleagues to celebrate! And some ramyeon and gimbap,” she shares.

“Since my best friends are also my ARMY besties and we have different biases, they're the ones who usually prepare and give out goodie bags for their biases' birthdays! But I also make sure to celebrate the boys by getting some Korean food for anniversaries and comebacks. My colleague and I usually order customized cakes and, of course, Korean food is a must,” Reneé adds.

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Rea Santiago, 22, also became a BTS fan in October last year. She explains how BTS videos became a huge part of her day and that she considers them as her stress reliever.

I learned about the boy band when I came across a clip of local artists doing a cover of Dynamite. I didn’t exactly understand what the craze was about, but since I already got curious, I continued watching dance practices, music videos, and live performances of BTS.

“I found them really enjoyable to watch on my brain breaks. I also started reading up on them since that encounter—their recruitment and formation, humble beginnings, and simple wins to big nominations. What drew me closer to the seven, however, is their grit in pursuing what matters most to them, overcoming the many hurdles they had to face to get to where they are now,” she shares.

Rea and her friends Nicole, Aly, and Raine prepared a simple celebration for Jungkook’s birthday. “[We prepared] his favorite Korean dishes such as samgyeopsal and jajangmyeon, a cake with his iconic Butter get-up as design, and cookies which we ordered online. We also designed a tarpaulin ourselves for his birthday and had it printed. In addition, we ordered polaroid photos of Jungkook, along with postcards and stickers to complete his simple birthday bash. Of course, we also had to pump some balloons for the photos. Lastly, we wore outfits inspired by his dance practice and airport fashion as a way of celebrating his 24th,” she narrates.

They also celebrated the boy group’s 8th anniversary. “My friends and I celebrated Sowoozoo, which is their eighth-year anniversary concert, together. We hung photos of the boys, decorated my friends’ living area, cooked Korean chicken tteokbokki, ordered some pizza and cake to celebrate the event. It was such a homely feeling to be included in the family and watch them live on screen. [Purchasing tickets to] their concert was certainly very worth it,” she adds.

More surprises from ARMY fanbases around the world:

They put up his birthday ad in the heart of New York City’s Times Square.

His Chinese fans put “We ? JK” on the Han River cruise.

They replicated Jungkook’s “Still With You” stage.

They prepared a huge balloon birthday cake and doll.

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Birthday cakes and mini celebrations:


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