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Here’s How To Book A Cheaper Saliva RT-PCR Test Through Angkas

Here’s How To Book A Cheaper Saliva RT-PCR Test Through Angkas
Image by Philippine Red Cross / Facebook

With rising coronavirus cases in the Philippines, we get the urge to get tested every now and then, just to ensure that we and our loved ones are COVID-free. However, the accessibility and prices of these COVID-19 tests can be prohibitive. Thankfully, we can now get affordable RT-PCR saliva tests right in the comforts of our home!

Earlier this year, the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) announced its partnership with motorcycle transport and delivery service provider Angkas, by virtue of which Angkas riders will receive first aid and CPR training to enable them to provide immediate help to road accidents and disasters.

“Our partnership with Angkas is a game-changer because this will further strengthen our reach and capacity to provide service to the most vulnerable–wherever and whenever it is needed. Every minute matters in lifesaving and having quick access through the use of motorcycles and a network of trained volunteers will make a great difference,” PRC chairman, Senator Richard Gordon said in February.

To maximize this initiative, the PRC followed it up with a COVID-19 home service saliva collection to make COVID testing more convenient.

“We are greatly honored about our new partnership with the Philippine Red Cross (PRC), which will enable us to contribute even more to our country’s nation-building in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic,” says George Royeca, co-founder and chief transport advocate of Angkas. “This is congruent with our commitment to always be of support to the country and to be of service to the Filipinos.”

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What is the saliva RT-PCR test?

Instead of performing a nasopharyngeal swab (where a sterile swab is inserted through our nostrils), a saliva RT-PCR test is a non-invasive option that requires patients to spit into a vial. This will then be submitted to a PRC laboratory, where results can be available after just a few hours. According to PRC lead researcher Michael Tee, the saliva COVID-19 test is 98.23% accurate.

You may book a schedule directly from the PRC website. However, this would require you to go to their headquarters in Mandaluyong City or their molecular laboratory in Port Area, Manila. If you’re in need of a quick COVID-19 test without leaving the house, Angkas x PRC’s home service saliva testing comes to the rescue.

Here’s more good news: beginning September 2021, the RT-PCR saliva tests are being offered at an even more affordable price.

How to book a saliva RT-PCR test through Angkas

PRC’s saliva test, priced at Php 1,500 (from Php 2,000), is relatively cheaper than home-service RT-PCR swab tests in the country (which are priced as high as Php 5,000). Even better, Angkas Bikers are professionally trained to carry out the service too!

Before your saliva test:

No mouth activity is allowed for at least thirty minutes before your saliva collection, which means that brushing, drinking, eating, smoking, vaping, and even applying lipstick are strictly prohibited.

Needless to say, you need to make sure that you are also wearing proper protective equipment like face masks and face shields before your rider arrives.

Your rider will also need a stable internet connection.

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Booking a saliva test:

  1. You can book same-day and next-day appointments through the Angkas website. However, individuals experiencing COVID-19 symptoms are advised to defer appointments to ensure the safety of both the customer and the rider.
  2. After booking your appointment, you will receive a text or call confirming your schedule. This is your chance to reschedule or cancel if there’s a need to, because no-shows will be charged Php 700.
  3. A confirmed schedule and QR code will be sent to your email. Hold on to these as they are needed to track your results.
  4. Once your rider arrives, the saliva collector will provide a kit for you. Make sure that you collect at least 1mL of sample with no discoloration. Otherwise, the sample may be deemed invalid.
  5. After collecting your saliva sample, settle your payments with the rider. Wait for your results, which will be emailed to you within 24 to 48 hours. If you wish to track your test results, you may do so by using your barcode on their tracking website.

That’s it! We can now enjoy a cheaper and more convenient saliva RT-PCR testing service that not only protects our safety but also supports the hardworking Angkas riders who are frontliners as well.

For more information, you may visit the Philippine Red Cross’ website or follow Angkas on Facebook or Twitter.

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