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Here’s Why You Should Ditch The Acrylics And Use Press-On Nails Instead

Here’s Why You Should Ditch The Acrylics And Use Press-On Nails Instead
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Ever noticed how your fingernails would immediately snap once they have reached a certain length? Well, you might pay more attention to these, because they are indicators of underlying deficiencies. However, there are easy ways to avoid weak and brittle nails.

What causes brittle nails?

Our nails serve as protection for our fingers and toes and are made up of a protein called “keratin.” This protein shields our nails from damage and is also present in our hair and skin.

According to Harvard Medical School, 27% of women have brittle nails or onychoschizia, which may be an indicator of other health problems or external factors.


 As we age, our toenails commonly get thicker and harder, while our fingernails get weaker and thinner.

 Iron deficiency

When your body does not get enough iron, it leads to low levels of red blood cells that may physically manifest as brittle nails.


Low levels of the thyroid hormone decreases your body’s production of sweat, which is our “natural moisturizer.” Because of this, our nailbeds, skin, and hair become dry.

Raynaud’s syndrome

This condition affects your blood vessels and prevents your hands and feet from getting enough blood, making it hard for your nails to stay healthy. A common symptom of this syndrome is the occurrence of brittle nails.

Frequent manicures

If your fingernails are weak, but your toenails are healthy, then you might want to look into external factors. Getting frequent manicures exposes your nails to a lot of chemicals and get damaged as a result.

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What are press-on nails?

Press-on nails are “fake nails” made of resin material. These are similar to acrylic nails applied in salons, but are easier to apply and are a healthier alternative to acrylics and nail polish.

A set of press-ons contains glue and 10 to 20 pieces of fake nails, so you can choose which sizes best fit your nail shape.


Why should you switch to press-on nails?

Innah, a 26-year-old businesswoman, has been using press-on nails for two years.

“I used to go to the salon every two weeks for a mani-pedi. Gusto ko may nail polish palagi kasi hindi maganda tignan ang nails ko kapag wala, hindi mukhang healthy,” she says.

“I eventually realized that I’m putting more chemicals on my nails without any breaks [in between]. I couldn’t grow them out because they kept breaking, they were thin, and they always hurt.”

She switched to press-ons after taking a month-long break from nail polish. “Of course, I let my nails breathe muna. I didn’t put any chemicals for a month, then started applying fake nails once a month.”

Innah’s nails became so much stronger after two years. “Hindi na sila madali maputol. I can see that they’re healthier. I can grow them out now, I just choose not to,” she says.

24-year-old Janly experienced the same thing. She regularly went for long acrylic nails, until her nail breakage became frequent.

Dumating sa point na my nails were bleeding because of the acrylics. They were really long and sturdy, but my real nails were really weak.” Now, Janly applies press-on nails only when she needs to.

“Some press-on nail sets can last about three weeks to a month, but I always remove them after two weeks. Madalas naman kasi ako nasa bahay, kaya I don’t always need to have pretty nails.”

Press-on nails are not as sturdy as acrylics, but they are easier to re-apply. “Sometimes my fake nails pop off while I’m doing house chores, but you can just apply the glue and it’ll stick again. Unlike acrylics [that] you have to go to the nail salon pa just to re-apply them.”

Janly and Innah recommend using nontoxic glue to ensure that you’re applying the healthiest possible alternatives to your natural nails. “Make sure to research about the stores you’re buying from, because some nail sets come with harmful glue. Always ask questions!” Innah says.

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Where can I get press-on nails?

Here are online shops that sell safe, nontoxic press-on nails so you can finally ditch the acrylics and nail polish. Check them out!

Kuko PH

Check out “Caramel Dazzled” nail set, Php 249, on Kuko PH’s website.

Glossing Nails

Check out “Zebra Tips” nail set, Php 249, on Instagram.

Illustris PH

Check out “Trutina” nail set, Php 210, on Instagram.

Nails By K

Check out “Cotton Candy” nail set, Php 400, on Shopee.


Check out “Head In The Clouds” nail set, Php 250, on Instagram.

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