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Home Style Trend: How To Display Dried Flower Arrangements To Perk Up Your Space

Home Style Trend: How To Display Dried Flower Arrangements To Perk Up Your Space
Image from Amina Filkins / Pexels

The “plantita” movement remains strong for good reason: plants indeed breathe life into your space. But while many want to join in, not everyone is blessed with a green thumb. These days, however, you can enjoy having ornamental plants at home without worrying about wilted blooms – there’s a new way to make them chic and purposeful!

The latest trend in home décor, dried floral arrangements are ideal for your bedrooms and other low-light areas at home. Dried floral arrangements are fuss-free and can thrive well everywhere. They are maintenance-free -- no watering, fertilizer, or soil required, can last for years, and are a lot friendlier on your wallets than fresh blooms. They are indeed a great addition to any home. Below are some ways you can integrate them into your home design, and where to locally source them.

Basket arrangements

Ever thought of using a woven picnic basket for your blooms? Dried flowers go naturally well with them and add texture and a native flair to your room.

Picnic basket arrangements, from Php 880 to Php 1,880, available at Friday Flowers PH.

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Vase arrangements 

If you prefer a minimalist design, using plain white ceramic vases with your dried blooms can make your space look chic and classy!

Dried floral vase arrangements, from Php 500 to Php 2500, available at After Blooms PH.           

Glass bottle arrangements

What’s more eco-friendly than using empty glass bottles for your dried bundles? It’s sustainable and unique, and aesthetically pleasing, too! You can repurpose those Kombucha tea or wine bottles and turn them into elegant vases!

Dried lavender arrangement, Php 329, available at Efflore PH.

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Pressed flower frames

Adorn photo frames with pretty pressed flowers and display or hang them in a cozy corner of your home. Use a picture of your choice to make it more special! If you want something simpler, just order handcrafted dried floral bouquets and arrangements for its sheer beauty!

Personalized pressed flower frames, available at

Dried hand bouquets

Thinking of a budget-savvy floral arrangement for a wedding or to give as a gift for a special occasion? These rustic dried blooms hand bouquet from Pretty Withered are elevating the wedding scene. You can also preserve them and add them as a gorgeous statement decoration to your home.

Dried hand bouquet arrangements, Php 1500 to Php 3500, available at Pretty Withered.

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