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How Much Does It Cost To Consult A Doctor Online? 5 Telemedicine Websites For Your Health Concerns

How Much Does It Cost To Consult A Doctor Online? 5 Telemedicine Websites For Your Health Concerns
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The COVID-19 pandemic has stretched the health industry to its most vulnerable state yet, with patients in record numbers and medical practitioners having to go on extended duty for days. Hospitals have become overly crowded, so unless you suspect being infected with the virus and would like to seek treatment, or are having an emergency, it is advisable to avoid hospitals in the meantime.

But what if you absolutely need to seek a doctor’s opinion immediately? You’ll have to go through stringent hospital procedures before you can actually book an appointment with your doctor – for safety reasons, of course. Aside from the fact that it is difficult to get a physical appointment with your doctor, going to the hospital may also cause fear and anxiety due to the current situation.

Thankfully, technology now makes it possible to get a medical check-up and allay one’s health concerns without the risks of contracting infectious diseases, through telemedicine.

The following websites provide online medical services you can avail of without leaving the safety of your home:


1. Medgate Philippines

Medgate’s tele-treatment program includes services such as 24/7 telephone lines, video calls to facilitate diagnosis and treatment, e-prescriptions and care plan, interpretation of laboratory results, and door-to-door delivery of medicines through their pharmacy partners. To get access to Medgate’s telemedicine services, subscribe to their unli-consultation plan for Php999, which is valid for one year and is non-transferable.

Find out more by visiting or call 0917-536-2156.

2. HealthNow

HealthNow connects with their healthcare customers through their app, which you can download for free on your smart phone. With HealthNow, you can do teleconsultation, schedule check-ups and diagnostic tests, get a PDF file of your e-prescription, and even have them buy and deliver your medicines. Online consultation fee is only Php300.00. Upon payment through G-cash, credit card, or debit card, your appointment will immediately be processed, and you will receive a notification regarding your schedule.

Find out more by visiting or contact them through their Facebook Page @HealthNOWPH.


DOC PH, an acronym for Digital Online Consultation for our People's Healthcare is an initiative by the Philippine Medical Association (PMA). Through it, they offer free online consultations for the benefit of patients who cannot go to the hospital due to the current pandemic situation, at the same time helping decongest the hospitals so healthcare professionals can focus on more urgent cases. Their services can be accessed online daily from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

On their website, just press the “Start Consulting” button, which will lead you to the DOC PH Facebook Messenger. There, you will need to fill out a form with your details to proceed with the online consultation. The automatic message on Messenger emphasizes that DOC PH’s panel is made up of licensed primary care physicians, and advises the patients to go to the nearest hospital if they need to seek the opinion of a specialist (e.g., neurologist, pulmonologist, etc).    

Find out more by visiting or contact them through Facebook Messenger @docphonline.

4. KonsultaMD

KonsultaMD offers affordable services such as 24/7 unlimited access to their licensed Filipino doctors, consultations through phone or video call, mental health first aid support, general health information and medical advice, and even discounts and special offers from their partner establishments. To start with, you need to download the KonsultaMD application on your mobile phone, then create a profile and subscribe to a plan that best suits you. Fees start at only Php15.00 for a week of access to Php150.00 a month. 

Find out more by visiting or call their hotline at 02-7798 -8000.

5. iCliniq

iCliniq is one of the largest telemedicine platforms in the world, with presence in the U.K., U.S., Australia, and India. Their medical panel consists of more than 3,500 doctors with over 80 medical specialties.

If you’re a first-time user, just click the “Free Consultation” button on the top right corner of the page and enter your first health query for free. You may also ask for a comprehensive second opinion for complex medical cases to ease your doubts. You can either send a query online, start a chat, or schedule a phone or video call with their doctors for proper diagnosis, treatment, and care.

Moreover, the iCliniq website houses interactive health tools to help you manage your wellness, such as a Depression Anxiety Stress Scale-21 to measure your emotional state, a Creatinine Clearance Calculator to check renal functions, a Blood Alcohol Content Calculator, and many more. 

After your first free consultation, you can opt to purchase a 6-month plan (with unlimited 50 hours of chat with a family physician or a general surgeon) for Php2,019, or a one-year plan with the same services for Php2,529.

Find out more by visiting or contact them through their Facebook Page @icliniq.

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