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How To Upload A Podcast On Spotify In Just A Few Easy Steps

How To Upload A Podcast On Spotify In Just A Few Easy Steps
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The pandemic pushed many of us to pursue our passion projects because we came to realize how fleeting life is. It was the perfect time to try different things and venture into new hobbies, both for pleasure and profit, and one of these is podcasting.

Mella Hernandez, 23, was inspired to start her own podcast titled ‘Love, Mella xo’ in April after listening to ‘Telebabad Tapes’. Her favorite Podcasts are Skypodcast, Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast, and Gabi ng Bading.

“The conversation just resonated with me and made me feel like my struggles are valid—that it's normal to lose friends as you grow up. That was my turning point. I asked myself, ’Can I do this [podcasting] too? Share my thoughts and make people feel that someone understands them?’ Then it started to make sense,” she shares.

Her content is basically a slice of her life. “[It] encompasses my life as a twenty-something figuring out the ins and outs of adulting. I also tell stories about my childhood and how I survived my teenage years, what I enjoyed and despised the most during that time of my life. [I also] give relationship and life advice on every podcast episode,” she explains.

Twenty-six-year-old Cha Hombrebueno started a podcast called ‘Charisse Speaks: A Quarantine Passion Project’ in April 2020 after five months of planning. She was heavily influenced by Good Times with Mo and Boys Night Out which served as her show’s inspiration. Her content revolves around the millennial dating woes based on her firsthand experiences.

“I was trying to touch on subjects that were ‘elephants in the room’ in a relationship context and deep dive into it. In ‘kwentuhan and chikahan’ fashion, I invited guests who were my friends to ask their thoughts and opinions on the subject matter,” she narrates.

Ready to start your own podcast like Mella and Cha? Here are a few things for you to know.

What equipment do you need?

Mella says you’ll need a condenser microphone that cancels background noise, a mic stand, an optional boom arm, and a laptop or desktop.

“The recording can be done using a smartphone too, I believe, but you'll be needing a sound card for it to work. I would recommend the mic and laptop pairing instead. Plug and play is the way to go,” she says.

She also suggests the brand Maono for the microphone since it’s not very expensive. If you have the budget, she recommends Shure MV7 or SM7B. She also uses Audacity and Garageband for audio editing. She creates her cover art using Canva and Picsart. She also recommends Zoom or Riverside for podcasts with guests because they have noise cancelling features.

Cha only uses her iPhone’s Voice Memos app to record and her laptop to edit. “Although I have gotten feedback and heard from friends and people suggesting that if I want a better audio quality and am considering taking this podcast to the next level, investing in good headphones or a microphone would be helpful,” she shares.

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How do you upload a Podcast on Spotify

Uploading your own content on Spotify is quite simple. You only have to follow a few steps and wait for a few days for it to be published. The first thing you’ll need is a podcast host. This is where you will be uploading the episodes of your show, and this is where you’ll get the RSS feed link that you’ll need later on. It’s basically the home of your show.

Here are four free Podcasting websites that you can check out:




Mella uses Anchor because it's user-friendly. “It also has an app for iOS and Android. You'll have to upload at least one episode to be able to distribute it to various platforms. Once you've uploaded an episode on Anchor, there will be a prompt asking you to allow them to distribute your podcast to different platforms. Click 'Agree' then they'll do the work for you,” she adds.

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You can also upload your Podcast on Spotify manually if you want to. Although, most people recommend and opt for podcast hosting websites because they simplify the process and it’s an easier method.

According to Mela, here are the steps to do it manually:

  1. Go to
  2. Click 'Get Started'
  3. Log in using your Spotify credentials
  4. Click the three dots on the upper left side then choose 'Add or claim your podcast'
  5. Click 'Get Started' then paste the link of your RSS Feed (you can get this from Anchor, just go to Settings > Podcast Availability > RSS Distribution > RSS Feed)
  6. Verify your podcast then click 'Next'
  7. Add podcast information
  8. Review and submit your podcast

After that, you just need to wait for your podcast to be published on Spotify after 24 to 48 hours.

“No need to repeat the process when uploading new episodes. Just do your usual uploading on your podcast host and it'll be updated on Spotify automatically within 24 to 48 hours too,” Mella adds.

A few tips before you start

  • Prepare a trailer or teaser of your podcast so people will know to expect it.
  • Always share your episode when it’s live so people can listen in.
  • Create regular and consistent content so people can binge-listen.
  • Build a network of connections.
  • Previews for every episode are effective, too.
  • Create social media accounts for your show for people to follow.
  • Be spontaneous and diverse.
  • Have fun!

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