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Jump Ropes, Winding Ropes, Battle Ropes: A Complete Guide For Beginners

Jump Ropes, Winding Ropes, Battle Ropes: A Complete Guide For Beginners
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We have heard about all kinds of fitness workouts: cycling, lifting weights, and cardio, to name a few. However, because these activities usually require heavy equipment like a treadmill for example, they may be intimidating for someone who is just starting her fitness journey. If you cannot commit yet to a workout routine, you certainly don’t want to break the bank buying sports gear you might not use again. This is why rope training, the next exercise craze, may just be the right one for you.

What is Rope Training?

Rope training, also known as “rope flow”, is a technique that uses fitness ropes as a training tool to increase your strength, power, and endurance, and tone different muscle groups. To do this, you will only need the rope of your choice and a big, spacious room. Now, you might be asking, “where do I start?”

Here are the kinds of rope training you can do:

Jump Ropes

From our childhood, we know what a jump rope, or a “skipping rope,” is. This is a kind of rope that has two handles on both ends, which are designed to ensure a strong grip so they don’t slip off your hands. The different lengths and sizes of a jump rope matter, depending on your fitness goals.

Still a bit confused? Let Amanda Kloots of AK! Body show you how it’s done:


Battle Ropes


Heavy ropes or “battle ropes” started as a training method for mixed martial arts fighters and American football players, until eventually, more and more fitness studios adapted the routine. It works by alternately whipping two ropes in a wave-like motion, while you are in a squat or a bended-knee position.

John Brookfield, creator of the original Battling Ropes System, says that “the key to their effectiveness is that they work each arm independently, eliminating strength imbalances as they sculpt your muscle." Battling ropes condition your body by boosting your overall strength and making you look leaner!

Try Fitworx Battle Rope, Php 1,175, on Lazada.

Here’s a beginner friendly battle Rope workout you can easily do at home:


Winding Ropes


It won’t be surprising if this is the first time you’ll hear about winding ropes. Compared to the previous two, this kind of rope is yet to be widely used in the fitness community, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less effective!

Winding ropes, also known as “flow ropes”, are used by tying two separate knots on both ends of the rope. Though they are relatively shorter than battle ropes and jump ropes, they require more flexibility. This activity includes internal and external rotations, flexion, and extension on the shoulders, thus improving shoulder mobility and easing lower back pain.

Try Grey Matter 460 grams flow rope, Php 2,839, on Winding Ropes.

One of the commonly used movements in rope flow is the “primary figure-8 pattern,” which was perfectly executed by Movement Coach Luke Jones in this video:


Why should I start rope training?

Here are three reasons why rope training might just be your love at first try:

  1. It is a total body workout.

    Rope training does not focus on just one or two muscle groups, it exercises your whole body and helps improve your mindfulness too!

  2. It’s affordable.

    Ropes can be purchased for as low as ?300 from your local sports hub. They are cheaper than stationary bikes, treadmills, or weights, but are just as effective!

  3. You can bring them anywhere.

No gym? No problem! You can use your ropes just about anywhere. They fit in your gym bags too!


Where can I buy fitness equipment in the new normal?

The Internet has offered us many solutions, and being able to purchase almost everything with just a few clicks of the mouse is one of them. You can check out these online stores for a rope of your choice:

  1. Chris Sports


    To order from Chris Sports, you can add to cart on Lazada.

  2. Toby’s Sports


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  3. Decathlon Philippines


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