K-drama “Welcome To Waikiki” Premieres On TV5 On June 28

K-drama “Welcome To Waikiki” Premieres On TV5 On June 28
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Life is what happens when, while you're busy following your dreams, you get shot down from all directions. This is the bittersweet but heartwarming premise behind the Korean drama series “Welcome to Waikiki.”

When friends Dong Goo (Kim Jung Hyun), who dreams of becoming a film director, Joon Ki (Lee Yi Kyung), an eccentric actor who performs to make a living, and Doo Shik (Son Seung Won), a freelancer writer decide to produce a film together, they didn't realize it would demand so much from them financially. To raise funds, they open "Waikiki," a guest house in Itaewon, to foreigner guests. Clueless about running an inn, they soon find themselves headed for bankruptcy.

Then, as if on cue, a single mom and her baby come along and change their lives. From there, the six main characters navigate life, love, and their dreams together, and survive the mostly embarrassing, unfortunate and painfully relatable situations they go through everyday.

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"Welcome to Waikiki" first aired on JTBC in 2018 and was warmly received by viewers for its honesty and relatability.

“The first comedic Korean drama that can be likened to a true Western sitcom such as “Seinfeld” and “Friends,” making it a must watch for Korean drama fans as long as you can take their brand of humor,” says one user review.

“On the list of feel-good, lighthearted k-dramas,” says another.

Still another writes, “Fun and easy-to-pick-up k-drama with a lot of heart.”

This year, K-drama fans from the Philippines can watch the Tagalog-dubbed version of the series on TV5 starting Monday, June 28, at 4:45 PM.

"Welcome to Waikiki," a show about friendship, dreams, and love, also stars Jung In Sun, Go Won Hee, and Lee Joo Woo.

Catch “Welcome to Waikiki” Mondays to Fridays at 4:45 PM on TV5.

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