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“Labas Ka, Nandito Na Ako”: Netizens Share Hilarious And Memorable Package Delivery Moments

“Labas Ka, Nandito Na Ako”: Netizens Share Hilarious And Memorable Package Delivery Moments
Image by SPC Dancing Riders / Facebook

Can you imagine what life under lockdown would be like without our trusty delivery riders? From simple parcel deliveries to groceries to pabili of just about anything, their range of services have expanded according to consumers’ needs in the last year. We’re grateful for these modern-day heroes who risk their lives to help us out with our daily errands and deliver necessities to our homes. They are always to the rescue, no matter the weather or circumstance. 

Undoubtedly, delivery riders have become part of our lives in the new normal, and Pinoys being Pinoys, their service will always come with a smile, a witty comment, or even a dance number—just take a look at your social media feed and you’ll know it’s true! Be it on Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok, there’s always a feel-good anecdote about the Kuyas (and Ates) whose arrivals are always much awaited. curated some of these comical—sometimes embarrassing—and indelible times with messengers of different delivery platforms as seen on the Internet and as shared by our readers. Here are some of them. 

Best Effort Award

Considering her busy schedule, Joselle, 20, usually doesn’t have the time to prepare her own food so she always resorts to ordering take-out or having food delivered. 

In August, she ordered food from her friend who owns a Takoyaki business. She paid for the food through online banking and opted to pay for the Php 280 delivery fee in cash; however, the Lalamove rider had already left after delivering her food when she remembered that she forgot to pay him. 

“I called Kuya and told him, “Kuya, may nakalimutan ka po yata? Nagmamadali kang makaalis,” to which he replied, “Ay hala, narito pa nga ho sa side mirror ko nakasabit ‘yung extra sauce.”

I cackled and said, “’Yung bayad din sa delivery, nasa akin pa po,” she narrates. 

The delivery rider only realized then that he didn’t get paid. He hurried back to deliver the sauce and get his payment. 

Joselle gave him Php 500, expecting change, but before she knew it, the rider ran off in a hurry. “I was waiting for the 200-peso change, but again, he was rushing to leave. I let it pass because the food I ordered was getting cold. To my surprise, he came back after 30 minutes,” she shares. 

The delivery rider returned for the third time to give Joselle’s change, and although he still forgot to give the extra sauce, kudos to Kuya for all that effort! 

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The BTS Meal craze

When the BTS Meal of McDonalds was released, a few haters popped up on the Internet. Despite this, FoodPanda rider Benjamin Baetiong expressed his support for the fans of BTS. "Lakas ng BTS meal ngaun. Umaarangkada na ... kme mga Foodpanda rides ..masayang dedeliver sa inyo ang BTS meal.. kya mga BTS fans..dyn.. gogogogo na order na kyo," he wrote on Facebook, along with a selfie. 


Later that day, members of BTS’ Army started a fundraiser to show their appreciation for the rider’s kind words. Led by Twitter user @therealkittenwp, they aimed to raise Php 7000 to buy Kuya Benjamin groceries. 


In the end they managed to gather a total of Php 34,782.13, courtesy of Armys. 

“Thank you fam. We purple you!” 


The Kuya to the rescue

In April, the story about the kindness of Mr. Speedy rider Ronald Bacani went viral after he came to the rescue of customer Diane Francheska Ombac who was having an asthma attack.

Ombac mistook Bacani's number as her brother's and asked him to buy medication for her asthma. Bacani obliged and went out of his way to purchase the said medicines from the drug store and delivered them to Ombac.


"Kuya maraming salamat ha? Pasensya na talaga akala ko kapatid ko. Bakit po hindi kayo nagpabayad ng shipping? I-ggcash ko na lang kuya ha?" Ombac texted Bacani. 

Ombac kept her promise to Bacani and sent him money, and even posted about the incident on social media.


"Maraming salamat sa pag-appreciate. Pagaling ka and keep safe," he texted Ombac, along with reminders to eat healthy.

The address switch

Twenty-three-year-old Rebecca shares that she once got banned from Shopee after giving the rider the wrong address by mistake (she has two addresses indicated in her account). The day her package was being delivered, the rider called her and told her that he’s right outside her place. Upon checking, Rebecca was confused because no one was there. She immediately checked her Shopee app and realized the mishap. Apparently, she messed up the address. The rider instantly hung up the phone and her account got blocked after the encounter. Oops, sorry kuya!

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The TikTokers

A group of FoodPanda riders called San Pablo City (SPC) Dancing Riders have gone viral for their TikTok dance videos. They made the Ever After choreography of Ceejay Laqui so popular that over 1.7 million people joined the trend.

The SPC Dancing Riders usually make #dancetok videos with the managers of the fast-food chains they fetch the orders from. Here’s one with McDonalds Plaza San Pablo’s manager that has garnered over 12.6 million views:


Reply to @icedcoffee221 Thankyou so much McDo plaza san pablo! At kay manager na game na game 🤣 saan next? #fyp? #spcdancingriders #foodpandaph

? Ever After - Ceejay Laqui

More people got to know about them because of their collaboration with GrabFood riders called Grab SigLakas Riders from Lipa, Batangas—their dance video was all over the internet and was viewed over 3 million times.


Reply to @keilzykeslopez dc : @lgfphilippines X @ceejaylaqui_ 🔥 FP X GRAB! Part1 most requested collaboration #spcdancingriders #fyp? #tiktokph

? Ever After - Ceejay Laqui

Just recently, dance and content creator Niana Guerrero collaborated with FoodPanda rider Jomak Peladra, GrabFood rider Lloyd Corsino, and Lalamove rider Neil Alfarez for a few TikTok dance covers.


sheesh its not everyday that you get to collab with talented frontliners 🙌🏼?? @jomakpldra @neilalferez20 @lloydiwapss galing nyo po!

? Lay It Down - Lloyd

Miss Universe Shopee Edition

For some, online shopping has been a way to de-stress. You can’t deny that receiving a package is always so exciting! This family went viral in 2020 for their creative and humorous way of accepting parcels. Did someone say Miss Universe Finals?

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Proof of Delivery gone wrong

Is your mom tired of your online shopping purchases too?

The Scaredy Cat

Isn’t that too much information, kuya?

The Demanding Rider

Having a bad day, huh?

The Fierce Rider

Patience is a virtue.

The Savage Rider

This is beyond my work hours, you see.

Who needs a boyfriend or a girlfriend when you have texts about your orders?

These anecdotes are a reminder to find humor in any situation, and to be humane. These delivery riders are doing their jobs in the riskiest conditions, so let’s show our appreciation for them even in little ways by offering a drink, sending them off with an “Ingat!” or through gratuities. Kindness goes a long way.

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