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Miss Travelling? These 7 Filipino YouTubers Will Feed Your Wanderlust

Miss Travelling? These 7 Filipino YouTubers Will Feed Your Wanderlust
Image by Peijun Song / Unsplash

Since the implementation of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) in March 2020, travel restrictions within and outside the country have been imposed. Because of this, several jetsetters have opted to postpone their travels and stay home instead. And though the latest quarantine restrictions in the NCR allow some traveling, many of us are still being cautious about going out and about. Can’t wait to pack your bags and go? In the meantime, let’s go on a virtual vacay to our dream destinations by checking out these Filipino vloggers’ YouTube accounts!

Patrice Averilla (Avelovinit)

Patrice Averilla, popularly known as “Ave”, has been a travel vlogger since 2015. Her videos focus on exploring different destinations, discussing where you can eat, where you can go, and what activities are available to try. She shares everything you need to know about a place, so you only need to watch her video (and do a little research, if you like) before buying a ticket!

Just this year, Ave purchased a one-way ticket to Mexico along with her fiancé Martin, and they have both been posting scenic vlogs about their everyday life in the country.

If you want to virtually explore beautiful destinations, or if you just want good vibes, check out Ave’s YouTube channel!

Angel Dei

Angel Dei Peralta started her YouTube journey three years ago, when she posted her daily makeup routine video. Since then, she has been consistently posting vlogs about travel, beauty, fashion, and food.

If you are looking for an all-in-one informational video about how you can travel during the new normal, do visit Angel’s channelfor information on hotels and bedspaces, restaurant recommendations, budget itineraries, and additional requirements imposed by local government units.

With more than 700,000 subscribers on YouTube, Angel is definitely making her mark in the community!

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Katt Valdez

Katt Valdez is a Manila-based creative known for her beach shots on Instagram. Her YouTube channel serves as an online journal about her passions which are travel, fashion, and diving.

Recently, she posted vlogs about her travels in Boracay, Siargao, and Puerto Galera, including everything you need to know about the requirements needed in the new normal. If you’re new to Katt’s videos, be ready to witness her quirky personality and funny conversations with her best friends!

Rei Germar

Rei Germar dipped her toes into vlogging back in 2016, when she posted her Black Friday Haul as her very first YouTube video. Since then, she has managed to grow her channel that now has over a million subscribers, and established a community of supporters called the “FamiRei.”

Even before the pandemic, Rei has openly shown her love for travels. She has posted vlogs about her trips to Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, and many more! Rei’s magic is that even though you weren’t physically a part of her trip, she makes you feel like you’re there, too. She shares tips that can be helpful to her viewers, so that they’re equipped with helpful information when it’s their time to travel!

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Jeorella Gatchalian

Ella Gatchalian, a.k.a “Jeorella”, is a Filipina YouTuber with over 800,000 subscribers. She is known for her random vlogs that show what her life is like on a daily basis, as a way to connect with her viewers.

In June 2020, Jeorella moved to the United States and shared that she will be continuing her studies there. Since then, she has been posting her travel vlogs in America, how she’s coping with her studies, and the changes that come with moving across the world in the middle of a pandemic.

David Guison

David Guison founded his men’s fashion blog DG Manila back in 2009, where he posted his OOTDs and which also served as his ticket to the world of digital influencing.

When Instagram and YouTube came in the picture, David quit blogging and focused on doing vlogs about his travels pre-pandemic, menswear lookbooks, and YouTube challenges with his other Influencer friends.

In 2021, David, along with his partner Angelique, flew to Siargao and extended their stay to enjoy the peaceful island life. He posted a series of vlogs about the best beaches to visit on the island, as well as karinderyas to check out and activities you can enjoy!

Acushla Obusan (Killa Kush)

Acushla, popularly known as “Killa Kush” or “Kush”, traded her city life when she chose to move to Boracay in February this year.

“I really wanted something more for me to grow as a person,” says Kush in her recent vlog, explaining the thought behind her decision.

Since then, Kush has posted several YouTube videos about what life on the island is like, and how important it is to support local businesses in Boracay as they were also affected by the pandemic.

If you’re interested in pure kalokohan and scenic views, check out Kush’s channel!

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