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Multipurpose Makeup: Beauty Products You Can Use On Your Eyes, Cheeks, And Lips!

Multipurpose Makeup: Beauty Products You Can Use On Your Eyes, Cheeks, And Lips!
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Because we are staying home most of the time, we are further embracing our natural self: using less makeup, wearing our hair down, going for more comfortable clothes. However, there are days where we feel like dressing up, and that is absolutely okay! If you want to take extra care of yourself, but cannot be bothered to use too many products, multi-purpose makeup is here to save the day!

Colourtint by Colourette Cosmetics

Cult favorite Colourette Cosmetics is a homegrown brand that was established in 2015. Specializing in multifunctional makeup, it has built a community advocating women empowerment, acceptance, inclusivity, and diversity. Colourette Cosmetics is an innovative beauty brand in that its products are of great quality, but sold at affordable prices nationwide.

Their Colourtint is an ultra-pigmented, oil-based tint that can be used on your eyes, cheeks, and lips. It is also available in various shades suitable for all Filipina skin tones.

Check out Colourette Colourtint, Php 299, on Lazada.

Pocket Blush by Skin Foundry

Skin Foundry offers all-natural makeup and skincare products. They also innovate multi-use products for hassle-free makeup routines, especially for women on-the-go!

The Pocket Blush is a multi-use clay blush that is highly pigmented. It has a buildable and versatile formula that does not feel heavy on the skin. Its lightweight texture glides smoothly on your face, and is super easy to blend. Its five shades Wine Not, Tipsy Pink, Mulberry Rum, Sunkissed, and Punch Drunk are perfect for that “no makeup” makeup look!

Check out Skin Foundry Pocket Blush Clay Blush, Php 165, on Lazada.

Lip and Cheek Watertint by Lovely Causemetics

Lovely Causemetics is a vegan, paraben-free, and cruelty-free brand that believes in beauty with a purpose. They have everything you need, from makeup, to brushes, to sponge cleaners!

Their Lip and Cheek Watertint is a versatile product that comes in 10 shades. It has a water-based formulation that is transfer-proof and highly pigmented. For less than Php 200, this is a good purchase as it is long-lasting and is infused with vitamins, providing you with that extra boost of hydration!

Check out Lovely Causemetics Watertint, Php 188, on Lazada.

Multi-Tasking Color Stick by BLK Cosmetics

BLK Cosmetics, created by Anne Curtis, aims to simplify your makeup routine with the most versatile essentials, and this Multi-Tasking Color Stick is proof of that.

It is a universal product that can be applied as a blush, lip color, eye shadow, and even as a highlighter and contour. Its creamy, blendable, and buildable consistency is formulated to give you a vibrant flush and gives you the option to go from sheer to heavy, depending on your mood.

Check out BLK Universal Multi-Tasking Color Stick, Php 399, on Lazada.

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Multi-Use Crayons by Issy & Company

Issy & Company’s fuss-free makeup products come in aesthetically-pleasing packaging, too! All of their products are vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, paraben-free, and dermatologist-tested.

Their Multi-Use Crayon has a creamy texture that not only gives you full and supple lips, but can also give your eyes and cheeks the pop of color they need. This highly pigmented formula has a velvety finish so you can always count on a smooth application.

Check Out Issy & Co. Multi-Use Crayon, Php 399, on Lazada.

Multi Stick by Careline

Having been in the industry since 2005, Careline has grown into a cult-fave brand that is present in every kikay kit. They have budget-friendly yet quality products, further proving that you do not need to break the bank to look your best.

Their remarkable Multi Sticks are made to “blur, correct, conceal, contour, highlight, and add blush” to your skin. It comes in a creamy formula that lasts long without clogging your pores. You can use this stick in just about any step in your makeup routine.

Check out Careline Multi Stick, Php 199, on Lazada.

Glam Pocket by Skin Potions

Skin Potions never disappoints when it comes to packaging, but they definitely stole the show with this one. If you loved playing Polly Pocket Games when you were younger, you will definitely love Skin Potions’ Glam Pocket line! It is a creamy, two-tier makeup product that you can use on your cheeks, lips, and lids. It comes in four shades designed to fit every Filipina’s skin tone!

Check out Skin Potions Glam Pocket, Php 349, on Lazada.

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