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New TV5 Series “’Di Na Muli” Teaches Us To Value Time With Our Loved Ones

New TV5 Series “’Di Na Muli” Teaches Us To Value Time With Our Loved Ones
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People always say that being in love is one of the greatest feelings you’ll ever get to experience. Some also say that you’ll know you’re in love when you notice the “butterflies” in your stomach whenever you hear that person’s voice, the smile on your face after reading their “good morning” texts, and that ache in your chest when they’re not around.

But what if you didn’t realize it was love soon enough?

“I considered my ex the best I never had. Coming from a handful of toxic relationships that left me more broken than I was before, my relationship with my ex was like a breath of fresh air,” shares 22-year-old sales specialist Alessia Taclas.

“We communicated. When something bothered us, we would open up about it to each other, without fear of being misunderstood. And even if [that happened], we tried our best to know where the other was coming from.”

It was what one would consider a healthy relationship: there was constant communication, honesty, and trust. “We let each other enjoy our individual lives. We fit perfectly like pieces of a puzzle, I [didn’t] need to ask for more because everything was fine. Or so I thought.”

Months into the relationship, everything became unbearable for Alessia.

“I was too guilty, I was too proud, I was too anxious. I thought that my issues would be too much of a burden for her, so I kept it all to myself. I thought that I had too many issues, and I didn't deserve someone to wait for me until I'm back on my feet again—nobody deserved that.”

Because of a hectic schedule—juggling studies and other not-so-desirable events in their personal life—they believed that they wouldn’t be able to give what their partner deserves.

“How could a relationship work if you aren't able to fulfill your partner's needs? The responsibilities that I had from all aspects of my life were weighing me down, I didn't want to pull her down with me. So I did the only thing I thought was sensible to do: I broke up with her. I told her I had been going through something and that I felt it was unfair that she kept giving and I only kept taking.”

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Twenty-three-year-old medical student Andrea dela Pena had a similar experience. She was in a two-year relationship with her first love, who eventually became “the one that got away.”

“Our relationship felt like it was fresh out of a young adult romance novel—a cheerleader who fell for the campus heartthrob/star basketball player during senior year of high school,” she shares. “He had everything I could look for in a guy: attractive, tall, smart, respectful, talented, sweet—you name it. He’s the type who loved throwing me surprises, giving me handwritten love letters, and just putting so much effort to make me happy.”

They supported each other in academics, sports, and had a great relationship with each other’s families. Their relationship was stable, and everything seemed to be in place.

“After high school, we went to different universities, which made the relationship kind of long-distance. We made it work by taking the effort to visit [each other] when we had the time,” says Andrea.

However, her college life eventually became stressful. It was all new, and it took a toll on their relationship.

“I had overload units in school, a cheer dance competition, and family problems on top of everything. Instead of running to him for comfort, I distanced myself from him and made the long-distance relationship even harder by having unrealistic expectations of him. Eventually we both decided to end the relationship because it definitely wasn’t the same anymore.”

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If there’s one thing Alessia would change about the relationship if given the chance, it’s to not leave the other person in the dark.

“I do regret breaking up with her the way that I did, nobody deserves that, especially her. I regret making the decision all by myself and not giving her the chance to at least make the decision with me,” Alessia shares.

“If I could still live in that time when I was still with her, I would treat her as the other half of me. Still, I wouldn't want her to take the weight off my shoulders, but I'd let her carry it with me instead. Because I'd do the same for her.”

If Andrea could turn back time, she would not have taken her ex for granted.

“If I had the chance to go back to the latter parts of our relationship, I would treat him so much better and give him only the love and kindness he deserved. I think that because of my foolishness back then, I lost someone who was truly great for me,” she shares.

“But honestly, after all the years that went by, I’ve forgiven myself for making those mistakes and have accepted the fact that our past relationship will just remain as good memories that I will always be thankful for.”

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Love like there’s no tomorrow

Like Alessia and Andrea, we have our fair share of regrets too. Sometimes we get too caught up with life that we forget to pause and just live—to take it in, enjoy the present, and feel the moment.

But if you knew you’ll be experiencing a moment for the very last time, would you change anything?

This is the premise of Di Na Muli, TV5’s new series which follows the story of Yana (played by Julia Barretto), who was born in a family of fortunetellers. She discovers she has the ability to see a person’s lifespan by holding their hand.

Lahat ng tao may regrets, and most of these regrets ay ‘yung mga hindi natin nagawa dahil akala natin, marami pa tayong time,” says the show’s writer, Noreen Capili. “We hope that after watching this series, people will value time more.”

This message couldn’t be more timely than in the time of pandemic, when we have lost opportunities, jobs, relationships, and even loved ones. We don’t know when things will end, when someone will get taken away from us, or if we’ll ever get the chance fall in love again. In its core, the series ‘Di Na Muli is a reminder for all of us: Love like there’s no tomorrow. Love with no regrets.

Watch ‘Di Na Muli every Saturday at 8PM on TV5, Sari-Sari Channel, or Cignal Play.

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