No More Excuses! Here Are 5 Exercises You Can Do While In Bed

No More Excuses! Here Are 5 Exercises You Can Do While In Bed
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We have all experienced it: We tuck ourselves in at night, promising to go for a run in the morning. However, all plans go out the window the moment we wake up, because it’s so much easier to stay bundled up in bed. Well, here’s good news for us sleepyheads. Fitness experts have found a way to keep us moving without our yoga mats and dumbbells, ergo, we can exercise without leaving the bed!

  1. Morning stretches

    This is a vital part of your morning routine! According to Hope Kleine, a Health Education specialist, stretching first thing in the morning can relieve tension or pain from your sleeping position. It also helps increase blood flow and improve your flexibility, so do not forget to stretch before and after your workout, even if it’s right on your bed.

    Let Meghan Livingstone, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, show you how it’s done:

  2. Leg raises

    This exercise is good for toning and strengthening muscles in your legs and abdomen. However, it takes a bit of practice to master the right form.

    To do leg raises, you have to lie on your back with your legs together, with your hands either on your sides or under your glutes for some back support. Keep your legs straight and lift them up until your butt is lifted from the bed a little, then lower your legs down slowly, but do not let them touch the bed. Repeat these steps for about a minute or so, depending on your routine.

  3. Sit ups or crunches

    This is a common exercise for your abs, but now you can do it without leaving the bed! To perform this exercise, you have to lie down on your back and make sure that no part of your body is elevated. Bend your legs and place both feet on the bed. You can either cross your arms on separate shoulders or put them behind your ears, whichever position makes you comfortable. Then, lift your body up until you are in a sitting position touching your knees.

  4. Supine leg marches

    This exercise is a variation of a regular glute bridge, and it targets your glutes, core, and leg muscles. To do the supine leg marches, bend your knees with your feet pressed flat on the mattress, and your arms on either side of you. Squeeze your butt and lift it until your body is in a straight position, but do not overdo it! Only lift as high as you are comfortable with to avoid injury.

    Then, raise one leg with your knees toward your chest like you are “marching”. Put it down, and switch to the other leg.

    When doing this exercise, it is important to breathe while squeezing your glutes, to ensure its effectivity.

  5. Arm circles

    Arm workouts can be done almost anywhere, and your bed is no exception. To do this exercise, you should be in a sitting position, with your arms extended on both sides. Then, all you have to do is make tiny, controlled circles forward, gradually becoming bigger until you feel your triceps stretch. Reverse the move after around 30 seconds.

    Don’t rush when doing this exercise! It needs to be performed using small, controlled motions to keep yourself from getting injured.


If you’re looking for a bed workout video that you can follow along, check out these workout routines on Youtube!

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  2. Full Body Workout In Bed

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  4. Fat-Reducing Exercises In Bed

  5. Stretch Routine In Bed



While it is usually harmless to work out in bed, there are still a few precautions to take to ensure your safety. These types of exercises will probably have less cardio benefits, as you cannot jog or run in bed, so if that’s what you are looking for, bed workouts might not be for you.

For pregnant women, it is still best to get your doctor’s permission before engaging in any type of workout so as not to tire yourself out too much.

If you have an injury or are experiencing chronic pain, bed workouts might be tempting, but you still have to get your physician’s okay before any attempt.


Bed workouts cannot replace your cardio or High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), because exercises you can do without leaving your bed are limited. However, this is a good option for mornings when you are too exhausted to get up, but would still like to get happy hormones kicking in! Besides, isn’t staying fit always a good idea?

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