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Not Pambahay: This Is What “Work Fashion” Looks Like In A WFH Setup

Not Pambahay: This Is What “Work Fashion” Looks Like In A WFH Setup
Image by Vlada Karpovich / Pexels

When you hear “work fashion,” what comes to mind? In our current situation, it’s no longer high heels and blazers. For some, it means denim pants and doll shoes, while for others it’s pajamas and basketball shorts. There is no longer a dress code to follow when it comes to working from home (except maybe if you have to attend a meeting or an online job interview). However, no one is stopping you either from dressing up and looking pretty at home. If you want to doll yourself up, go ahead. You certainly can!

With the rise of loungewear, a category of clothes that became popular during the lockdown, looking good and feeling comfortable can both be achieved without sacrificing one or the other.

According to Beth Goldstein, a fashion footwear and accessories analyst, “Being at home has become a lifestyle in itself. Brands have an opportunity to capitalize on the more casual, comfort-focused features that consumers have become accustomed to wearing inside of the home and adapt for use outside of the home.”

Apparel sales reportedly declined 19% in the United States, while sweatpants and “comfy” categories increased 17% in sales, according to the New Product Development (NPD). Sales of sleepwear and pajamas grew by 6%, while activewear rose 10%.

NPD’s apparel industry analyst Maria Rugolo says, “Is there still such a thing as house clothes in this time of COVID-9? Our wardrobes for different occasions have essentially blurred into one, and today’s consumers are purchasing outfits that are interchangeable and versatile for various needs.”

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Loungewear vs. sleepwear

Don’t be confused -- loungewear and sleepwear are different is some aspects.

Sleepwear is what we wear for bedtime: pajama sets, silk nightwear, and robes. It is not the most ideal kind of clothes to go out in because it may give others the idea that you literally just rolled out of bed.

Loungewear, on the other hand, are usually sold in coordinates or two-piece separates which can be mixed and matched with our favorite shirts, making them convenient and effortless. We can run errands in them, get our coffee fix, and look good while we’re at it without sacrificing comfort. Loungewear separates give you that “laid back” appearance while looking “put together” at the same time -- exactly what those who are working from home are looking for!

Loungewear vs. Athleisure

Athleisure and loungewear are basically siblings, but loungewear is a bit more of a homebody.

While they are both in the comfy category, athleisure consists of activewear, sports bras, leggings, and the like. These can be worn even when doing hardcore exercise or sports; however, loungewear was not made for that.

Loungewear is usually made to be loose and baggy, unlike activewear that is made to hug the body, so as not to be a distraction when working out or playing sports. As explained by Heidi Zak, co-founder of San Francisco brand ThirdLove, “Yes, athleisure can be worn at home, but its core is functional and it’s about being somewhere else, while the core of loungewear is comfort and the home.”

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Where can I buy loungewear?

If you are convinced to try loungewear, we’ve got you covered! Here is a roundup of local loungewear brands for your cozy (and cute) Monday-to-Friday WFH attire.

  1. Leisure Supply

    Leisure Supply is a slow fashion, sustainable clothing brand that produces unisex pieces. They are made in earth-toned and neutral colors, and are perfect to mix and match with your current wardrobe.

    Their French Terry Set (Php 790) is a two-piece coordinate made with 100% French terry fabric. It is locally produced in the Philippines.

    To order, message Leisure Supply on Instagram.

  2. Blanc Basics

    Blanc Basics offers a backless lounge top (Php 695) and sweatshorts (Php 1,045) that are garterized to ensure comfortability. They are made from quality, pure cotton, and can be purchased as a set or as individual pieces.

    To order, message Blanc Basics on Instagram.

  3. Dauphine Co.

    Dauphine Co. has a wide range of pieces to choose from. They have sweatshorts, rib sets, hoodies, and even baseball caps for when you’re just not in the mood for sunlight.

    Their hoodie (Php 1,299) comes in four neutral shades and is made from cotton brush material. It comes in sizes Small to Large.

    To order, message Dauphine Co on Instagram.

  4. Lounged Collective

    Lounged Collective believes in staying home with style. Here, they offer pieces that are perfect for everyday comfort, like their snug collection that consists of robes, long-sleeved sets, and sleeveless sets.

    To order, message Lounged Collective on Instagram or visit their website.

  5. Lounge & Go

While they have pieces that are perfect for a girls’ night out, they also offer lounge dresses, jogger pants, and trousers to keep you looking chic and comfortable while working from home.

The one-piece Frida is your comfiest bet any day in the summer heat!

To order, message Lounge & Go on Instagram.

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