Online Schooling Resources You Should Tap To Prevent Mom Burnout

Online Schooling Resources You Should Tap To Prevent Mom Burnout
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One of the things that had to be done when the quarantine ensued was to keep the kids safe in their homes and have them bring home their school work, and while some families have opted to register their kids in their old schools that went online, others took the opportunity to try homeschooling and see if it can work for them.

Homeschooling can be overwhelming especially for those who did not plan on homeschooling their children in the first place, but if you must know the truth, homeschooling can be overwhelming even for those who have been doing it for years.

We’ve been homeschooling for 11 years now and I still feel overwhelmed by it from time to time.

The only difference is that we have become familiar with some of the resources that can help us, and have learned to tap them to beat the overwhelm.

Here’s something to think about: that the burden of homeschooling falls only on the parents’ shoulders is a misconception that has caused burnout to many families.

Although homeschooling is primarily the responsibility of the parent, you don’t have to do it alone. Homeschooling, in fact, shows you that there is a wealth of people and resources outside the walls of a traditional school that you can utilize to give your children the best, well-rounded education they can possibly have.

Math tutorials

Let’s start with some of the common struggles. Math, for instance, has caused tears and frustrations to many parents because it is a difficult subject to learn, and to teach.

We have been using YouTube videos a lot in our homeschool, especially in learning Math concepts, to help our younger kids in their lessons. Our teenager still uses them, but he also attends Math Gym at Abot Tala Online where he gets some help understanding and solving more advanced Math problems from their Math mentor, Ericho Fuentes.

If your child needs one-on-one tutoring in Math, there are many tutors that now offer their services online, too! One of the most trusted ones in the homeschool community is Rebecca Saavedra who holds Singapore Math classes for different ages, as well as offer Math tutorials for Junior and Senior High school students via Zoom.

Filipino tutorials

Filipino is another challenging subject that students struggle with, and if daily watching of Filipino soap operas isn’t helping your child learn the language better, you might be happy to find out that the leading center for Filipino classes, The Learning Library, now offers classes online too.

But just like Math, if you need more personalized Filipino tutorial lessons, Keep Learning PH may just be the solution you need. My friend Thania, who enrolled her son Santi to Keep Learning PH’s Filipino program, raves about the mentors and notes how far her son has progressed since he signed up with them.

Music, Arts & PE classes

Some parents are anxious that their children are not getting enough activity or social interactions since they started homeschooling. That’s not a problem at all as there are a number of Music, Arts, and even P.E. classes available online nowadays. Thanks to technology, you can find quality music lessons in piano and other instruments, and even voice lessons from trusted voice coaches online.

For example, Sweet Plantado of the premier vocal group The Company now coaches promising and aspiring singers via Zoom, as does theater veteran Caisa Borromeo.

Theater classes are also very much available. Recently, REP and Trumpets have reopened for musical theatre classes.

If you feel that your child needs to develop his public speaking skills and should have a more in-depth training in studying scripts, you may want to look into Director Steven Conde’s Plugged in Plays series.

Director Steven Conde’s last known project before the pandemic closed down the local theaters was Atlantis Theatrical’s “Sweeney Todd,” which starred Lea Salonga, where he was associate director.

For art classes , Udemy and Domestika have a wide selection of watercolor, acrylic, charcoal, pastel and other art classes.

And if you sort through the posts in Homeschooling Philippine Services on Facebook, you can find live online classes, such as Taekwondo and other fitness training for kids, ACTS Dance and Arts Academy being one of them.

My kids take ballet 3x a week at CCP Dance Workshop via Zoom. They’ve been enrolled there even before the pandemic started and have continued their training with them during the lockdown. This serves as their PE class, and they get to interact with their teachers and friends online.

CCP Dance Workshop offers Ballet and Hip-Hop classes for beginners to advanced level, from young children to adults.

Robotics and other engineering programs for kids

Our youngest son is very much into Robotics and dreams of becoming an engineer when he grows up. One of the best things about homeschooling is that he doesn’t need to wait until he goes to college to learn it.

Our son takes Robotics online at Homeschoolers PH under the mentorship of Gilbs Zamora, who also happens to be the President of the Philippine Robotics Society.

What’s even better is that, through the wonders of the worldwide web, your kids can also take classes in centers based abroad. If they fit your needs (and you can afford the fees), why not?

The point is that you don’t have to beat yourself for being unable to assist your children in some areas in their education, since there are ways to outsource these needs.

And if the budget is tight, there are many free resources online such as Khan Academy, Code Academy,, and

Even respected journalist Kara David gives journalism lessons for free on her YouTube channel.

Mindset shift

I find that one of the reasons why parents are stressed over their children’s home education is because they think that their children’s opportunities to explore and learn has been limited. This is understandable, especially if you are new to the concept, but this mindset needs to change. A shift in perspective on education is a necessary first step to beating the overwhelm.

Yes, of course, there are restrictions now because of the virus, but the idea that homeschooling limits a child’s possibilities because he no longer goes to a brick-and-mortar school is unfounded. In fact, homeschooling is an opportunity for you to see for yourself that there is so much more he can do beyond the four walls of a classroom.

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