Raise A Confident and Empowered Daughter With These 8 Children’s Storybooks

Raise A Confident and Empowered Daughter With These 8 Children’s Storybooks

Children’s books are an individual’s first foray into literature. But, for good or bad, society has decided which stories are meant for precious little girls and which ones young boys should be reading, and typically the storybooks available for girls are focused on princesses and finding their knight in shining armor. While there is nothing wrong with that, our daughters deserve to be exposed to more options with better storylines.

From books that promote confidence and making wise choices, to self-love and self-discoveries, the following books will teach your little girl to be positive, open-minded, and determined that she can do what she puts her mind to.

Here are 9 girl-power books to read with your daughter.

‘I Can Do It!’ books

What Girls Can Do

Written by Bonnie Doroy-Enriquez, illustrated by Sri Wahyuni

Written using words that are easy for young kids to understand, coupled with beautifully-made illustrations, this book teaches girls they can do anything and be anything in life. It also encourages self-discovery, exploration, and thinking outside of the box.

“If you like the color pink,

that’s an excellent choice.

You can also pick red

and blue and turquoise.”

Available for Php 350 on Pumplepie.

Girls Can Do Anything

Written by Caryl Hart, illustrated by Ali Pye

Just like the first book, Girls Can Do Anything is also empowering and uplifting. It motivates young girls to be not only dreamers, but achievers in life, too, and that they can be different – they can play sports, be brilliant, wear anything, and even excel in male-dominated fields.

“Girls come in all different colors and sizes.
They delight and amaze us.
They're full of surprises.
Girls can do anything they want to do.
And if YOU are a girl . . .
You can do these things too!”

Available for $10.08 (about Php 490) on Amazon.

Fantastically Great Women That Changed The World

Written and illustrated by Kate Pankhurst

This colorful book contains stories of 13 inspiring women in history. It showcases the various achievements, talents and dreams of these trailblazing women in a fun and friendly manner that is accessible even to young readers.

“How will you change the world?”

Available for $11.40 (about Php 555) on Amazon.

‘I Am Confident and Brave’ books

I Am A Warrior Goddess

Written by Jennifer Adams, illustrated by Carme Lemniscates

Kids can be heroes too, and girls can be brave like warriors as well. Let your little one discover her inner confidence, find her strength through kindness, and be her own kind of warrior goddess while creating an impact and serving as inspiration to others.

“I fill my heart with kindness,

the most powerful weapon there is.”

Available for Php 495 on Amazon.

Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon

Written by Patty Lovell, illustrated by David Catrow

Molly Lou Melon always follows the advice of her Grandmother: transform her ‘flaws’ and view them as a gift -- not only to benefit herself but the people around her, too. This book is a wonderful reminder to love what it is that makes you unique, while standing proud about who you are and being brave to face any challenge in life.

“Her grandma had told her,

‘Walk as proudly as you can and the world will look up to you’.”

Available for Php 677.86 on Outlets

Be Brave Little One

Written and illustrated by Marianne Richmond

This sweet and adorable book shares an important message of believing in yourself and learning to pick up after every failure in life. It also gives importance to the power of courage to boost your child’s self-confidence.

“When I look at you,
shining bright as the sun,
I wish for you this...
be brave little one!”

Available for Php 654 on Galleon.


‘I Love Myself’ books

I Like Myself by Karen Beaumont

Written by Karen Beaumont, illustrated by David Catrow

Admit it, one of the most difficult values to instill in children is a healthy self-esteem. Reading this book with your child can be a great way to open conversation. It is about a little girl who likes herself no matter who she is, and who totally knows and sees her own worth.

“I like myself! I'm glad I'm me.
There's no one else I'd rather be.”

Available for $5.21 (about Php 255) on Scholastic.

Dear Girl: A Celebration Of Wonderful, Smart, Beautiful You!

Written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Paris Rosenthal, illustrated by Holy Hatam

Dear Girl is like a love letter to your little one -- a reminder that she is strong, beautiful, and holds great value in this world. It can also inspire your daughter to see her worth and love herself from the inside and out.

“Sometimes you may feel like

being pinky and sparkly.

Sometimes you may feel,

pretty much opposite.”

Available for Php 792 on Fully Booked.

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