Redecorating? These 7 Indoor Plants Will Make Your Living Room Look ‘Sosyal’

Redecorating? These 7 Indoor Plants Will Make Your Living Room Look ‘Sosyal’
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If you find yourself scrolling through Pinterest for home renovation ideas, but you’re a little bit tight on the budget, maybe you don’t really need to do a major makeover. Small trinkets here and there can make your home look good as new! Case in point: incorporating houseplants in your living room can give it a fresh and happy vibe. To get you started, here are 7 indoor plants that will make your living room look elegant, beautiful, and sosyal!

Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera deliciosa, also known as Swiss Cheese Plant, has unique perforated leaves that can make any room at your house look renewed! However, Monstera needs a lot of space, so make sure it is not situated in a tight corner.

Care guide: Keep the Monstera deliciosa alive by finding a balance between sun and shade. Too much sun can turn the plant’s leaves yellow, and too little sunlight can cause the plant to exhibit phototropism. It only requires to be watered once a week, or until the soil is dry.

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Peperomia Rosso

Elevate the look of your living room table or work desk with a pot of Peperomia Rosso!

This succulent’s leaves are green on top and red at the bottom, which definitely makes it an eye-catcher! It typically blooms with less than 12 hours of light.

Care guide: Peperomias are plants that enjoy moist soil, but they are also super sensitive to overwatering, so it is important to find balance. Since it is a succulent, it can be harmed by common pests like mealybugs, the tiny bugs that look like small crabs, which can be identified as they leave white powder-like fuzz on the plant.

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Snake Plants

Now, who would not know this famous houseplant? The Snake Plant, also called “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue” and “Saint George’s Sword”, are low-maintenance and can tolerate areas with low sunlight. It’s neat, easy to grow, and definitely ideal for beginner gardeners.

Care guide: Snake plants thrive in tropical weather like the Philippines’, so you can water them once every three to four weeks.

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Watermelon Peperomia

Another tabletop must-have is the Watermelon Peperomia! It brings life to your monotonous work-from-home days, and can help you relax with its beautiful watermelon-like leaves.

Care guide: The Watermelon Peperomia requires to be put in a bright room under a shaded spot. For plants like this, direct sunlight is ideal. It is also best to water the houseplant once every 10 to 14 days.

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Aglaonema Red Siam

This vibrant plant has green and red colors that look especially pretty during the holidays. It has patterned leaves that can thrive in both dry and moist weather, as well as low light.

Care guide: Indirect sunlight is best, as direct sunlight can burn the leaves. The Aglaonema can tolerate areas with low source of light, however, its colors would not be as vibrant. When watering your plant, make sure that the soil isn’t soggy and the lower soil would not remain wet, as this may cause the root to rot.

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Fiddle Leaf Fig

The Fiddle Leaf Fig’s dramatic foliage is the perfect addition to minimalist interior, as it balances the room’s appearance. While this stunning plant grows upright and can be situated in any corner, it might be difficult to keep alive.

Care guide: Place your Fiddle Leaf Fig in a room where there is a lot of indirect sunlight. Wipe its leaves with a damp hand towel if you notice white water spots or dust. Doing this every month can prevent the plant from being attacked by pests.

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The Sansevieria is also called “Silver Torch” because its leaves literally look like flames. This plant works as a statement piece and is perfect to put in your living room (for your visitors to see!).

Care guide: Sansevierias are low-maintenance plants as they only need to be watered once every few weeks, as long as they are in a bright room with filtered light. Not a lot of pests can affect Sansevierias either! However, this plant is extremely toxic to pets, so you might want to keep your fur-children away from it.

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