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Self-Care: Women Share How They Shake Off The Stresses Of Working From Home

Self-Care: Women Share How They Shake Off The Stresses Of Working From Home
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In case you haven’t heard, working from home (WFH) is our new normal – answering phone calls while still in pajamas and Zoom meetings all day have become part of our daily lives. Several months into the routine and many have grown quite accustomed to it, although, undeniably, a lot are still feeling disorganized, anxious, and mentally exhausted.

Psychologists have been saying that especially in these hard times, it’s normal to feel this way -- we all hit some low points sometimes. This is where self-care comes into play.

We asked professionals who are working from home what kind of self-care they do and what works for them, and this is what they shared with us.


Meditation and long baths

Arianne Dayandayan, a mom of two who is employed as a Regional Recruitment Manager, started working from home in April 2020. Even though it has been challenging for her, it made her realize that it is possible to balance career and family.

“[It is] also a blessing because I get to provide for my family and spend time with them too. As an employee, [there’s a] stronger [sense of] commitment to your job since the company is trusting you to do your work with minimal supervision,” she explains.

Arianne created a routine for herself so she could gradually adjust to the new setup. This includes meditating daily before she starts with work. “I have to ‘disconnect’ [from the comforts of my bed] before opening my laptop. If I feel stressed, I reach out to my friends to have a little chat.”

Aside from watching movies with her family, she also spoils herself in little ways, “My me-time this pandemic is usually long baths and late night watching of K-dramas,” she adds.

Arianne gives this advice for those who are currently struggling with the WFH setup. “Identify the challenges of working from home and try to inform your supervisor about it. Talk it out, and maybe they can help you. Look for possible solutions to your difficulties. Be creative and resourceful,” she suggests.


Coffee break and binge-watching movies and TV series

Blogger Nicole Herose Escat believes she was meant to work at home after her previous contract ended. But there are still times when she finds her job as a freelance virtual assistant stressful, especially when she receives many requests from her clients.

“For me, it’s both enjoyable and stressful. Enjoyable kasi bago siya [at] madali lang dahil computer lang ang kailangan and then kasama mo pa yung anak mo. [Pero] may time na kapag may bagong client and bagong task, minsan akala ko kaya kong gawin pero hindi pala,” she says.

Despite this, Nicole is still thankful.

Kapag freelancer ka, hawak mo ang oras mo, anytime na gusto mong mag-work, pwede. [Kapag] natapos mo na yung request ng client mo, pwede mo na ring makuha yung pay mo,” she adds.

Since she doesn’t have any specific days off, Nicole says she takes quick coffee breaks to unwind. “Kapag kailangan ko talaga ng pause sa trabaho, I watch a Netflix series, play with my kids, and after that, work ulit.”

She also doesn’t forget to look after herself and her health. “Unahin muna ang sarili: mag-exercise, maligo, mag-skin care before work. And of course, don’t forget to smile!”

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Skin care and joyrides

Shareelai Macasaquit is employed with a BPO company and has been working from home since April 2020. She’s thankful for the privilege and even more grateful that all the equipment needed for her WFH setup is provided for.

For her, the new setup is more convenient and less stressful than working on site. “It may be challenging at first due to [unstable] internet [connection], but since I already have a wired connection, everything [goes] smoothly now,” she shares. “I can spend time with my family while working and I was able to start saving since I don’t need to spend for transportation.”

One of the ways Shareelai spoils herself is by doing a daily skin care routine. “After my work hours, I take a bath and do my skin care routine. I have more time for myself now,” she says.

Whenever possible, she and her boyfriend drive to different towns to see the beauty of nature. In the last few months, she has managed to visit several places, like Bulacan, Pampanga, Tagaytay, Pangasinan, and Tarlac.

“I go for rides with my boyfriend [to] different provinces with no restrictions [for the scenery]. It helps [me] refresh after spending hours in front of the computer,” she adds.

Do you feel stuck and exhausted working from home? It’s okay to spoil yourself once in a while. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being extra kind to yourself. You deserve it!

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