Self-sterilizing Pouch + 7 Other Travel Essentials You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without In The New Normal

Self-sterilizing Pouch + 7 Other Travel Essentials You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without In The New Normal
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It goes without saying that our lives immensely changed in the past year because of the pandemic. Now that travel restrictions are slowly easing up, and you can finally take a breather by the ocean for your sanity – provided, of course, that you adhere to the requirements and still observe safety precautions – always make sure that you have these travel essentials with you, to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip!

Face Mask Lanyard

We all know that face masks are required whenever we leave the house, but when we have to eat or drink, a face mask lanyard keeps our masks within reach. You just need to clip in your mask on two ends of the lanyard, so that when you need to remove it, it won’t get lost or dirty!

These lanyards come in different designs too! They can be made out of beads, chains, or fabric, whichever suits your style.

Check out Korean Version Mask Lanyard, Php 25, on Shopee.

UV-C Sterilizer Pouch

Whether you’re out for the weekend or just running out to do some errands, you’ll need a multi-purpose pouch where you can keep your phone, charger, money, keys, etc..

This pouch from The Hygienist Store is a compact pouch that not only keeps your personal effects in one place, it disinfects your personal items too with its UV-C sterilizing feature!

All you have to do is plug the pouch into a USB power source such as your laptop or a power bank, zip it up, and it will do the job! Once the pouch has been zipped, it will make a beeping sound signaling the start of its sterilization process.

Check out MiLi PhonePure UV-C Sterilizer Ver3 for Device & Storage Case, Php 850, on Shopee.

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Personal Cutlery

Better be safe than sorry! When dining at restaurants or eating take out, it’s best to use your very own cutlery set. This way, you can eat with confidence knowing that only your hands touch the cutlery and that they are kept in a clean and safe portable case.

When purchasing your personal set, choose one that is kind to the environment too. This Eco Army Set by Eco Warrior PH is made from bamboo and is reusable and sustainable.

Check out Eco Army Set in Beige Pouch, Php 220, on Eco Warrior PH’s website.

Face Shield Visor

Are face shields required or not? While discussions are still ongoing, you can get one that is both functional and stylish with a face shield visor – yup, it exists! Homegrown brand Island Girl sells The Sun Visor + Face Shield made of handwoven pandan that not only looks chic, but keeps you safe too. You can always remove the shield when it’s not needed.

Wear this with a flowy dress over your swimmies and a comfortable face mask at the beach and you will be an island girl, indeed!

Check out The Sun Visor + Face Shield, Php 595, on Island Girl’s website.

Wearable Air Purifier

Add an extra layer of protection against COVID-19 with Aviche M1 Version 3.0 Wearable Air Purifier. This is a portable air purifier that you can bring absolutely anywhere! Just use it as a necklace and you will have a safer vacation in the new normal.

It has “20 million negative ions [that] rapidly clean and purify the air,” protecting you from airborne bacteriaand reducing the risk of respiratory problems. It has a long battery life combined with a sleek design, so you won’t have to compromise your style.

Check out Aviche Air Purifier Necklace, Php 1,999, on Shopee.

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Face Mask Case

Of course, you need storage for your extra face masks. Priced at Php 149, MediCase PH’s face mask case is an affordable option on the go! It comes in clear and solid colors with keychain hooks, so you can hang them on your bag handles or keep them with hand sanitizers.

To order, message on Instagram.

Portable Hand Sanitizer

Keep your hands squeaky clean everywhere you go with The Good Store’s Squeaky Clean Kids hand sanitizer, which you can purchase for only Php 70. For every purchase, you also fund homemade and handmade anti-bacterial organic soaps for underprivileged families and kids in need. Moreover, all ingredients used for this hand sanitizer are organically grown and locally sourced from Lipa, Batangas.

To order, visit The Good Store’s website.

Car Air Purifiers

Even cars pose great risks for microbial exposure and would need proper disinfecting, especially if you plan to go on a road trip. The USAMS car air purifier has a HEPA filter to purify air pollutants, and UVC LED sterilizer for extra protection. It can be placed in your car, office, or home.

Check out USAMS Portable Car Air Purifier HEPA Filter with UVC LED Sterilizer and Aroma Therapy, Php 1,732, on Lazada.

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