Sige Na, Turn On The Aircon! 4 Energy-Saving AC Units That Won’t Cause Your Bill To Shoot Up

Sige Na, Turn On The Aircon! 4 Energy-Saving AC Units That Won’t Cause Your Bill To Shoot Up
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Every year, summer in the Philippines seems to get even hotter than the previous one – so much so that even if you’re decided to not buy an air conditioning unit and just endure the heat, it’s a promise that’s hard to stick to. With most of us staying home and the temperature reaching 37 degrees, having an air conditioner has become a necessity. However, getting that much needed cooldown can be a bit expensive for some. Here, you can find four tipid AC units that will help you beat the beat, and won’t let your electricity bill skyrocket!

LG Dual Inverter LA150EC 1.5HP with WIFI

LG’s LA150EC model dual inverter airconditioner is 70% energy saving, fast cooling, and has a 10-year compressor warranty. It won’t disturb your sleep either, because it operates at sound levels as low as 44dB, eliminating unnecessary noise!

A review by shopaholic blogger Karen MNL mentioned that even if her family keeps the aircon on for more than 18 hours per day, this unit is still the “most tipid ever!”

“So after 6 months of use (September to February), I feel confident enough to give a review on the aircon, and I am very impressed by the electricity savings!” Karen shares. “Normally, our electricity [consumption] goes down a little from November to February (around P1,000 – P2,000). I attribute this to the colder weather, meaning our cooling appliances tend to use less electricity.”

Even with the increased usage of the AC unit, however, Karen says their electricity bill has remained steady. “[Our electricity bill] even dipped a little during the colder months, as expected. If I have to give a rough estimate, I would say that this aircon only costs about P1,000+ (maybe even less!) per month on our electricity bill, even with that much use. That is possible because we are using the aircon on Energy Saver Mode.”

Add the LG Dual Inverter LA150EC to cart for Php 31,900 on Lazada.

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Sharp J-Tech Inverter AH-XS15VF

The AH-XS15VF is part of Sharp’s J-Tech series. Its temperature settings can go as low as 14 degrees Celsius, and it has an Eco Mode that helps you save time and electricity!

Blogger JP Reyes, the man behind Aircon Experts Philippines, posted a review of the AH-XS15VF: “At 1.5 HP, it’s able to comfortably cool a room that’s up to 27 square meters in size. It has a cooling capacity of 12,700, standing head and shoulders above standard window type and non-inverter split type units. This makes it a perfect choice for the tropical weather, as it can cool a room faster and more efficiently than other models.”

To increase your energy efficiency, JP suggests using the Eco Mode, which lessens the strain on your compressor by choosing a higher temperature, but also increasing its fan speed. “The end result is a temperature that feels the same, but keeps your energy use lower and increases your compressor’s longevity.”

The unit may be a bit more expensive than non-inverter window type units, but its benefits are certainly worth an investment.

Add the Sharp J-Tech Inverter AH-XS15VF to cart for Php 33,599 on Lazada.

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Fujidenzo HIS 100 C2 Premium Inverter Split Aircon

Fujidenzo’s HIS 100 C2 model offers up to 60% energy savings. It has a jet cool feature that cools the room faster than regular airconditioners. Its high-density filter might also be helpful to those with asthma or breathing problems as it removes up to 90% of dust in the air.

Mimin, a 42-year-old mom from Metro Manila, started using the HIS 100 C2 in December 2020. She says her electricity bill used to reach Php 7,000 per month. “Madalas talaga kami mag-aircon kasi mainit, pero ngayon Php 4,500 na lang ang bill namin,” she shares.

May asthma din ang anak ko kaya binili ko ‘to,” says Mimin. The unit’s safety filters help clean dust particles and bacteria in the air.

Add the Fujidenzo HIS 100 to cart for Php 29,998 on Lazada.

Condura 6S 0.5HP

Condura has long been considered by Filipinos to be a reliable brand when it comes to airconditioners with its low-cost and energy-efficient units. The Condura 6S 0.5HP is no different.

If you’re on a budget, the best option is to get a window type AC unit. It’s cheaper than inverter-type units, yet still has the ability to cool your room.

Even though the Condura 6S is not an inverter airconditioner, it still has an Energy Efficient Ratio (EER) of 10, with a cooling capacity of 5000 kJ per hour and a consumption of 498 W. This means that you only consume Php 2.50 for every hour you use it! The Condura 6S is ideal for relatively smaller rooms (less than 10 sqm).

Add the Condura 6S to cart for Php 10,700 on Lazada.

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