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Stay In, Have Fun! 5 Group Games and Activities For Adults And Kids

Stay In, Have Fun! 5 Group Games and Activities For Adults And Kids
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It’s going to take some time before we can fully get used to the new normal. Of course, we miss our old lives -- before the quarantine, we took our kids to the park or playground to have fun with their friends, or went on movie dates with them at the cinema once a week. However, with safety protocols in place, the usual family dates are no longer possible, especially if you have young kids. Thankfully, there are a number of enjoyable activities we can still do at home – check them out.

Painting by Numbers

This is a fun and easy activity for the family, and it can kickstart your kids’ creativity too! Painting by Numbers is just like regular painting on a canvas -- the only difference is that this activity is guided. The canvas already has a sketch or outline of your chosen artwork, and the colors you can use are indicated on the specific parts of the artwork as well.

Paint by Numbers Kits are available online. They include paint brushes, paint, and a canvas. The paint is separated into several canisters and are labeled per number, so it will be easy for you to find which paint color to use on the canvas.

Shop PAINT BY NUMBERS Kit with Frame DIY, Php 299, on Lazada.


PictureKa! (pronounced Pict-Eureka!), created by Hasbro Inc., is an ideal boardgame for families with kids ages 6 and up. In this game, the players race to find pictures within the 9 game tiles, as directed by their mission cards. If they find the object, they get to keep the mission card, and the player with the most cards wins the game!

The twists of this game are brought by the color-coded mission cards: Blue means that players will race to find the object according to the mission. The red card lets all players bid on how many objects they think they can find, and the green card lets you roll the die to fulfill a personal mission on a limited time. The first one to find the picture must shout “PictureKa!” for the round to be valid. So fun!

Shop Pictureka! Puzzle Board Game, Php 700, on Lazada.

Spot It!

Spot It! is a card game created by Blue Orange Games, and it is a hit for kids ages 7 and up. It’s included in this list of games that promote cognitive development, because it does feel like a fun brain exercise.

To play the game, each player must draw one card from the deck. Each card has two animal figures that are the same, and the player to spot these matching figures first gets a point.

Shop Spot It! Card Game, Php 550, on Lazada.


Hedbanz is similar to the classic Filipino game “Pinoy Henyo.” It’s a fast-paced guessing game where two or more pairs compete against each other. For each pair, one player tries to guess the mystery word written on the headband he is wearing by asking his partner questions, to which the only replies acceptable are “Yes,” “No,” or “Maybe.”

Each team must guess the word before the time runs out to win! The team that scores three badges first will be declared the champion.

Shop Hedbanz Family Card Game, Php 407, on Lazada.

DIY Easter Egg Hunt

If you want to let your creativity shine, a DIY Easter egg hunt is perfect for you and your family!

Mila, a 35-year-old mother of three, tried this at home for her daughter’s birthday party. “We did not have visitors over because of the pandemic, so it was only my husband, three kids, and I. We needed to think of a way to make it fun,” says Mila. “An Easter egg hunt at our garden made the mini party so much more enjoyable not only for the kids, but for us also.”

To prepare for an Easter egg hunt at home, Mila provided each of her kids with an eco-bag, where they are to put the eggs that they find. The eggs were scattered throughout their house and backyard, and the player who collects the most eggs gets a prize. “At the end though, we all gave them prizes because they all did their best,” Mila shares.

Shop Plastic Easter Eggs Assorted Color, Php 199, on Lazada.

A fun-tastic family day does not have to be expensive! For less than Php 1,000, you can bond with your kids at home and get to know your family members better while prioritizing your safety. Which activity are you trying this weekend?

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