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Thanks To This New Instagram Feature, You Can Now Put Your Pronouns On Your Bio

Thanks To This New Instagram Feature, You Can Now Put Your Pronouns On Your Bio
Image by @instagram / Twitter

You read that right! Photo-sharing app Instagram has launched the new (optional) pronouns feature, which allows users to add their preferred pronouns and gender identity on their profiles. Initially available in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia in May this year, it was rolled out slowly in more countries, including the Philippines, in the succeeding months. It officially became available locally on the 3rd of September.

This is Instagram’s way of promoting inclusivity within the website or application. It is also a step towards creating a safer space for gender expression.

How do you put pronouns on your account?

It is actually pretty easy to put your pronouns on your Instagram. You just have to go to your profile then click “Edit profile.” Right under your name, you will see the “pronouns” section. Click that, then add which pronoun/s you prefer, then click “Done.” Hit the “done” button again, and you’re all set!

A lot of people, especially those who identify as non-binary, also prefer the pronouns “they or them” because these pronouns are gender neutral. Neopronouns are also available on Instagram after a few updates because some people requested for it. In the attempt to become as inclusive as possible, the platform welcomes pronoun requests through their form.

How will it appear on your profile?

After saving your changes, your preferred pronouns will appear next to your name in gray font. This way, it’s one of the first things people will see when they view your profile. You can add up to four pronouns on your account. You can also opt to show it only to your followers if you’re not comfortable to post it publicly, by simply turning on the “Show to followers only” toggle.

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Why is it important to share pronouns?

According to University of North Carolina Wilmington, “Normalizing pronouns and using correct pronouns leads to the acceptance and de-stigmatization of individuals who "deviate" from traditionally used pronouns or pronouns that do not align with their physical appearance or gender-based name. Likewise, it takes away the assumption that pronouns are only used by Transgender individuals.

As time goes by and as we evolve, people are slowly accepting the fact that there are more than two genders and that not everyone has the same gender expression. Considering how huge of a platform Instagram is, this is a big leap for inclusivity and safety. This gradually destigmatizes gender variance and nonconformity. This will also prevent any type of misgendering, because assuming one’s gender based on their appearance is a no-no.

ICYDK, other platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and even Zoom also have preferred pronouns features within their application.

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How did people react to this update? 

Many celebrities have expressed their appreciation for this feature and have also put their pronouns on their profiles. We stan! 


Some netizens also expressed their kudos to Instagram, and wished other social media platforms like Twitter would roll out this feature as well.

So, if you’re comfortable to put your pronouns on your Instagram profile, we highly encourage you to do so! In your own little way, you get to normalize sharing and asking for a person’s gender identity and expression. You also help create a safer and more inclusive online space for everyone.

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