The Benefits Of Low Calorie Sweeteners Over Sugar, According To Those Who Switched

The Benefits Of Low Calorie Sweeteners Over Sugar, According To Those Who Switched
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Let’s face it, we love desserts! When we’re sad, we look for that sweet taste that can satisfy our cravings (and maybe even make us feel better). After a hearty meal, we always look forward to capping it with dessert. If there’s one thing that we Pinoys can agree on, it’s our fondness for sweets.

However, desserts aren’t the healthiest treats either, especially if consumed obsessively. Most of them contain high amounts of sugar, which can lead to fatty liver disease, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

These days, however, you can still satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt by switching to low-calorie sweeteners.

Also known as “alternative sweeteners”, these are often used as a safer substitute for sugar. This means that if you use low-calorie sweeteners on your drinks, in cooking, and baking desserts, they can still provide that sweet taste you’re craving without the calories.

A change in lifestyle

Cholo, 22, switched to low-calorie sweeteners more than a year ago.

“I switched to low-calorie sweeteners since I decided to lose weight. One of the reasons why I was overweight back then was because I was consuming [a lot of] sugar and was not conscious about my food intake,” he says. “A friend introduced me to low-calorie sweeteners, and it literally changed the way I view food! Hindi naman pala kailangan overly sweet ang mga bagay, sakto lang, ganyan.”

He uses the sweeteners where he would typically use table sugar, like in his coffee and occasionally when cooking.

“[Ginagamit ko sa] spaghetti sauce since minsan, me and my partner would crave dishes like that,” he shares.

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RV, 24, who started using low-calorie sweeteners in 2018, says that he was not contented with his lifestyle before the switch.

“My body fat percentage was disappointing to say the least. I decided to make a change, like switching to a low-calorie diet,” he shares. “Included in that was eliminating the use of regular sweeteners. Personally, I love my coffee sweet and black. On a regular day I have around 2-3 cups.” Because he is using low-calorie sweeteners, he doesn’t worry about the added calories.

Why should you switch?

Aside from being a healthier alternative to sugar, low-calorie sweeteners also have life-changing benefits. In fact, even Filipino actor and television host Luis Manzano swears by it!

Dahil ako personally ay sobrang hilig ko sa sweets -- para sa akin there’s always room for desserts -- so I needed to find a healthy alternative,” he says. “Para kahit papaano, ma-enjoy ko pa rin ‘yung mga gusto ko kainin, pero minus the guilt.”

In a recent press conference, Luis reveals that he vouches for Sante International’s low-calorie sweetener, SweetVia. He says that he loves using it in his morning coffee.

“Initially, black coffee drinker lang talaga ako. Dito, the taste changes, you get to enjoy your coffee more, pero wala kang pino-problema.”

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SweetVia is a plant-based natural sweetener that contains Chicory Root Fiber Inulin and Stevia (Stevia Rebaudiana)—safe and non-toxic ingredients that help normalize your blood sugar and lower your calorie intake. Because one sachet of SweetVia is equivalent to two teaspoons of sugar, it can also help if you are managing your weight.

“Switching to low calorie sweeteners has greatly affected my lifestyle for the better. Its benefits are paramount. Physically, staying on top of my diet balanced with proper exercise, I was able to lose 9 kgs in about 3 months,” says RV. “I lost the bulging fat I dreaded for what seemed to be a lifetime. My cravings for sweet also subsided. I used to binge-eat chocolate, ice cream, cookies all at the same time. But nowadays, I don't even crave them that much anymore.”

“I know a lot of people who got diabetes either genetically or because of their food choices. “I just turned 40 this year and what I learned as we grow older is that we must always watch what we eat,” shares Luis. 

An article by science-based non-profit organization EUFIC mentions that according to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 346 million people worldwide have diabetes, with type 2 diabetes being the more common.

Because of the alarming increase of Diabetes cases in the Philippines, making it the fourth leading cause of death in the country, there is a need to make an extra effort in taking care of our health.

SweetVia is available at all leading drugstores nationwide for Php 158 per box of 30 sachets.

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