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These 5 “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” Fan Theories Will Keep You Guessing Until The End

These 5 “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” Fan Theories Will Keep You Guessing Until The End
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We’re sure this isn’t your first time to hear about the famous romance K-Drama “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha,” which has provided us with a sense of healing and joy since its release on Netflix in August. We are now more than halfway through the show, and fans are dropping their theories about the characters’ backstories… and they actually make sense! 

These theories include some spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the latest episode, go ahead and catch up now! With six more episodes left, let’s deep dive into some #HomeCha hints. 

Theory #1: Hong Du Shik used to have a wife and a child.


In episodes 5 and 6, the chismosas of Gongjin talk about the town’s three mysteries: the real reason behind Hwa Jung and Young Guk’s divorce, the supermarket lottery winner, and Chief Hong’s (Kim Seon Ho) whereabouts for five years after his college graduation.

HomeCha fans say that Du Shik actually got a wife and a child during the five-year gap, but lost them both to a car accident. A scene from episode 6 shows Du Shik crying over a photo of a woman and a baby, but suspiciously, the man’s face in the photo was covered.

A sneaky photo posted by the production crew made Kim Seon Ho’s fans wonder if this theory is correct. “As most seonhohadas know, Du Shik was married, thanks to the production crew who posted this photo few months ago. In these two photos, Kim Seon Ho [is] with a lady who is not Min Ah, so Du Shik was married and he is now a widow,” writes Twitter user @SeonhoArab.

Theory #2: The #SikHye couple meets every 7 years.

When Hye Jin (Shin Min Ah) opened her dental clinic in Gongjin, her father gifted her a fortune plant that only blooms every seven years (which is considered lucky). It was then revealed that Hye Jin and Du Shik already met during their childhood, and they met again by coincidence when they were teenagers (and the camera subtly pans to the same fortune plant).

This made fans theorize that the couple meets every seven years, and are each other’s lucky charms. In the remaining episodes, viewers are trying to find out if more meet-cutes will be revealed. Whether this theory is true or not, it makes us want to believe in destiny!

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Theory #3: Du Shik caused Hye Jin’s car accident.

In episode 7, we find out that Hye Jin got into a car accident that resulted in a herniated disk.

Fans are saying that the same accident where Chief Hong lost his child and wife was the same one that caused Hye Jin’s herniated disk. If they really do meet every seven years, maybe this specific incident happened in Seoul, before Du Shik went back to Gongjin for good.

Theory #4: Du Shik or Kang Hyoung Sukwon won the lottery.

One of Gongjin’s mysteries is the identity of the lottery winner who became 1.4 billion Korean won richer. A TikTok video that went viral discussed that maybe Chief Hong is actually rich, which is why he was so adamant about staying in Gongjin and living on minimum wage, despite finishing an Engineering degree in Seoul.


I can’t be the only one who thought about this 😳 #hometownchachacha #kdrama #shinminah #fyp

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However, a scene from episode 7 where officer Kang Hyoung Sukwon rejected Pyo Mi Seon’s (Hye Jin’s best friend and dental hygienist) lottery ticket can also mean that he’s actually rich.

Theory #5: Yeo Hwa Jung and Yu Cho Hui are in love with each other.


nAKO SINASABI KO SA INYO 🤨 #hometownchachacha


So here’s the deal: Hwa Jung (the owner of a famous restaurant in Gongjin), Young Guk (Hwa Jung’s ex-husband), and Cho Hui (Young Guk’s first love who just got back from the city) were all best friends when they were younger. However, Cho Hui needed to get back to the city, and only returned after 15 years.

A lot of things happened since: Young Guk and Hwa Jung got married, had a child, and got divorced. Now that Cho Hui was back in the picture (a.k.a. Young Guk’s first love), he pursues a relationship with her. But when Young Guk tried to tell Hwa Jung about his plans to court Cho Hui, she disagrees.

The show also has a lot of sapphic love story hints between Hwa Jung and Cho Hui, as nobody really knows the real reason why Hwa Jung wanted a divorce from Young Guk. Fans are saying that the two women may actually have romantic feelings for each other!

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We can’t wait!

We’re more than 10 episodes into the show, and though it’s heartbreaking to think about its ending, we’re so excited for the revelations that the next episodes have in store for us! What’s your #HomeCha theory?

You can catch new episodes of Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha every Saturday and Sunday on Netflix.

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