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These 7 Items Should Be Staples In Your “New Normal Kit”

These 7 Items Should Be Staples In Your “New Normal Kit”
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It’s been more than a year of navigating our way through the “new normal,” which has ushered in an era of innovation. From air purifiers that filter air pollutants to a wide variety of face masks and UVC-light sterilizers that many have come to rely on, it’s been proven once again that necessity is the mother of invention.

Below you’ll find some innovative and practical accessories you’ll want to get for yourself and your family – consider them to be part of your “new normal kit.” They’re affordable and stylish, too, so don’t be without them!

1. Necklace & lanyard

Now that masking up has become vital in our everyday lives, we appreciate anything that makes wearing them easier without compromising style. These necklaces and lanyards ensure your masks are always within reach! They come in different materials and styles: beads, chains, fabric, or pearls, and you can even have them personalized.


Personalized beaded mask necklaces, Php 75, and Polka satin lanyard, Php 50, available at Franc & Andie.

2. Face mask extenders           

Wearing face masks for long periods of time causes discomfort and pain to your ears. To avoid this, you can opt to use extenders that you can attach to the loops of your mask to relieve the pressure on your ears and make wearing it more bearable.

Face mask extenders, Php 15 each, available on Shopee.

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3. Face mask case           

Looking for something you could use to store your supply of masks? These containers are designed specifically for that. Slim and made of a durable material, the face mask case fits easily in your bag or purse.

Face mask case, Php 70, available on Shopee.           

4. Face mask bracket           

If you’ve struggled with maskne or acne breakouts from wearing a mask, don’t fret! There’s an accessory that might help lower the risk of skin irritation. Face mask brackets, are also known as a mask brace, are designed to sit underneath your mask to improve breathability and keep your mask from touching and irritating your skin. Just make sure you also do your due diligence of regularly washing your face mask bracket to prevent germs from building up. Because it creates space between your mouth and the mask, the face mask bracket also makes it easier to speak.

Food-grade silicone face mask bracket (5 pieces/set), Php 142.10, available on Lazada.

5. Sanitary stick

With  studies that prove COVID-19 pathogens can live on surfaces for hours, this nifty device stick becomes a game-changer especially for days when you’re out and about. You can now avoid direct contact with shared surfaces and reduce the risk of getting exposed to nasty germs with the use of this portable stick – use it to push a door open or when at the ATM.

Hanny Portable Stick, Php 99, available on Prolabs.

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6. UV Sterilizer           

A germicidal device, the pocket sterilizer can effectively sanitize your personal effects like your laptop, phone, earphones, watch, and other smaller items. It’s been tested to kill bacteria and viruses in just five minutes, and automatically turns off when turned upside down, as a safety feature. Remember to never point the sterilizer directly to a person as the UV light may cause injuries.

UV Care pocket sterilizer, Php 1,620, available on Lazada.

7. Ionizing bleach activator

If you’re on the hunt for an effective disinfectant sprayer, look no further. This high-tech sprayer turns salt and water into bleach by ionizing the solution, which you can then use to disinfect surfaces, and even food, conveniently.

SpinX Ionizing Bleach Activator, Php 995, available on Prolabs.

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