These 8 Online Stores Have Everything You Need For A Minimalist Home

These 8 Online Stores Have Everything You Need For A Minimalist Home
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Spending most of our days at home makes us want to declutter and turn our space into something that we would love to work and rest in. It’s a good thing that these days, you don’t even need to go to the mall to purchase furniture and home accessories. All you have to do is scroll through Instagram and you’ll be introduced to a number of local shops that will deliver right to your doorstep! If you’re going for minimalist aesthetic in particular, these online stores have just the right pieces for you. Check them out here!


If you are an avid lurker on Instagram, you would know that UNDO Studio by entrepreneur Kyla Zun~iga is a haven for all things minimalist. Aside from clothing and fashionable face masks, they also offer simple yet elegant furniture under UNDO Home. Their chairs, sofas, and mirrors are custom-made to ensure that every purchase fits your taste!

For inquiries, message UNDO Home on Instagram.

Wild Home PH


Achieving a minimalist yet cozy home can be a bit tricky, but it is really not that complicated once you find the right store. In fact, tapestries and throw pillows can make all the difference!

Wild Home PH offers tapestries with abstract designs and pastel colors, which you can throw over your sofa to make them look cozier.

You can also count on their embroidered pillow covers (Php 590) to make you want to sit, relax, and take a breather after a long day.

For inquiries, message Wild Home PH on Instagram or check them out on Shopee.

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Yanna’s Home

If you want your home to have that rustic feel, these handcrafted pieces from Yanna’s Home will definitely suit your taste. They mostly offer wooden and rattan furniture to bring hints of neutrals into your space!

Their pieces are perfect for homes adorned with plants and windows too, the perfect combination in giving you that bright and tropical vibe.

For inquiries, message Yanna’s Home on Instagram or visit their website.

Bauhaus Manila

Have you seen sofas that look soft as a cloud? Well, Bauhaus Manila has just the thing.

This Pinterest-worthy Camaleonda sofa will elevate your space without sacrificing comfort and elegance. They can custom-make your sofas as well, to ensure that the dimensions and color swatches are the best fit for your home.

If you’re looking to add some classy pieces to your work area, Bauhaus Manila’s Cesca and Wassily chairs might just be the perfect addition! They’re clutter-free, simple, but definitely not plain-looking.

For inquiries, message Bauhaus Manila on Instagram.

Vesta Studio PH

Let’s talk about neutrals! This online store by lifestyle influencer Vina Guerrero will make you realize that our home needs accessorizing too! From carpets, vases, to little trinkets, Vesta Studio PH has everything you need to keep your space minimal, timeless, and well-curated.

Their Ross carpet, priced at Php 2,499, gives your room a pastel accent and a dainty feel.

For inquiries, message Vesta Studio PH on Instagram or visit their website.

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Kagami PH

Frameless arch mirrors are getting all the hype this quarantine, and rightfully so, as they look fantastic no matter where you put them.

Besides these well-loved arch mirrors, Kagami PH also offers round, rectangular, and desk mirrors too! They come in different designs and sizes. All frameless mirrirs are now shipped for free within Metro Manila, and even come with a free wooden base!

For inquiries, message Kagami PH on Instagram.

Sunday Home

TV personalities Sarah Lahbati and Kathryn Bernardo know and love Sunday Home’s pieces!

Their tapestries can be used as covers on sofas and beds, to keep relaxing days even more snug.

If you’re feeling a bit quirky and fun, their bath rugs are available in different designs too. These rugs will surely give your space a lot of personality!

To accessorize your bedside table, they also have the Aphrodite vase and Isla lamp to make your room look anything but boring!

For inquiries, message Sunday Home on Instagram.

By The Form

By The Form curates pieces concentrated on monochrome, Scandinavian, minimalistic, and Japanese designs. Imagine living in your very own beach house while on vacation -- that’s how their wooden accents will make you feel.

If you’re planning to step up your kitchen utensils, they have wooden cutlery in oak and walnut finish made out of solid beech wood, completing that summer vibe.

For inquiries, message By The Form on Instagram.

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