These Are The Most In-Demand Jobs During The COVID-19 Pandemic, According To Data By LinkedIn

These Are The Most In-Demand Jobs During The COVID-19 Pandemic, According To Data By LinkedIn
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The COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected the country’s economy and employment rate. According to a report by online job portal JobStreet Philippines, over two million Filipino workers were already displaced during the first quarter of 2020 when the COVID pandemic hit the Philippines. The unemployment rate continued to grow until the end of the year, but the good news is, there are industries that continue to thrive amidst this difficult time.

LinkedIn’s “Jobs on the Rise 2021” report revealed that most consumers in Southeast Asia have gone digital. “COVID-19 accelerated the adoption of digital platforms in the region. Technology has allowed people to work, stay connected to their loved ones and fulfil their daily needs like groceries, from the comfort of their own home.”

The same report says that 94% of new digital service consumers in Southeast Asia are likely to stick with the service. Because of this, the job portal expects that the demand for workers with tech skills will remain in the months to come.

However, traditional roles in healthcare and education remain to be in-demand, as brought about by COVID-19. “In 2020, we saw jobs that were traditionally conducted in-person evolve to be online. Those in these sectors, and beyond, need to have mastered the basics of technology, from communication tools to social media platforms and basic office software.”

If you’re on a job hunt, LinkedIn released a list of 14 jobs that are in-demand in 2021. Check them out for current work opportunities, or you can take online courses too to learn the required skills!

Customer service

Titles: Customer Service Executive, Customer Experience Manager, Customer Support Specialist, Contact Centre Specialist, Customer Service Team Lead

Work experience that may prove valuable: Contact Centers, Customer Service, Customer Experience, Customer Support, Team Leadership, Technical Support

Healthcare and medical support

Titles: Medical Technologist, Pharmacy Assistant, Healthcare Assistant, Medical Officer, Medical Specialist

Work experience that may prove valuable: Healthcare, Medical Assisting, Pharmaceutics, Medical Education, Clinical Research

Healthcare and medical frontline

Titles: Medical Doctor, General Practitioner, Medical Officer, Nurse, Paramedic

Work experience that may prove valuable: Nursing, Medicine, Healthcare, Basic Life Support (BLS), Emergency Medicine

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Finance and insurance

Titles: Financial Advisor, Accountant, Financial Planner, Finance Specialist, Insurance Agent

Work experience that may prove valuable: Financial Planning, Insurance, Risk Management, Financial Analysis, Accounting

Data analyst

Titles: Business Operations Analyst, Business Development Analyst, Analysis Specialist, Business Analyst, Data Analyst

Work experience that may prove valuable: Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Analytical Skills, SQL, Requirements Analysis

Software and technology

Titles: Web Developer, System Analyst, Mobile Application Developer, Full Stack Engineer, Frontend Developer, DevOps Consultant

Work experience that may prove valuable: JavaScript, Web Development, Amazon Web Services (AWS), MySQL, HTML5

Cyber security

Titles: Cyber Security Analyst, Cyber Security Specialist, Cyber Security Consultant, Information Security Specialist

Work experience that may prove valuable: Penetration Testing, Information Security, Security Information and Event, Management (SIEM), Cybersecurity, Vulnerability Assessment

Specialized engineering

Titles: Mechanical Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer, Engineering Team Lead

Work experience that may prove valuable: SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Structural Engineering

Digital content specialist

Titles: Editor, Copywriter, Podcaster, Youtuber, Video Editor

Work experience that may prove valuable: Public Speaking, Proofreading, Video Editing, Adobe Premiere Pro, Creative Writing

Digital marketing specialist

Tites: Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Specialist, Social Media Marketing Specialist, Marketing Specialist, Marketing Analyst

Work experience that may prove valuable: Social Media Marketing, Copywriting, Google Analytics, Lead Generation, Digital Marketing

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Public relations

Titles: Public Relations Coordinator, Director Of Public Relations, Public Relations Specialist, Public Relations Manager, Public Relations Officer

Work experience that may prove valuable: Public Relations, Media Relations, Press Releases, Event Management, Social Media Marketing


Titles: Online Specialist, Ecommerce Coordinator

Work experience that may prove valuable: Online Marketing, Shopify, E-commerce, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Amazon Seller Central

Business development and sales

Titles: Sales Specialist, Account Manager, Account Executive, Business Development Specialist

Work experience that may prove valuable: Negotiation, Account Management, Business Development, Business Planning, Lead Generation

Supply chain

Titles: Distributor, Logistics Supervisor, Operational Specialist, Logistics Manager, Head Of Supply Chain Management

Work experience that may prove valuable: Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Operations, Logistics Management, Inventory Management

Industries with a decline in hiring activities

While some continue their operations, these 6 industries experienced a decline in hiring after the Enhanced Community Quarantine:

  • Geology/Geophysics (-79%)
  • Security (-75%)
  • Chemistry (-74)
  • Merchandising (-73%)
  • Arts/Creative/Graphics Design (-71%)
  • Retail (-68%)

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Employment rate predictions for the years to come remain hopeful as we slowly get back on track. In fact, according to Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)’s lead economist Emilio Neri Jr., the country’s unemployment rate can further decrease by 7% in 2021 from 8.7% in October 2020.

We collectively went through such a difficult year, and with this news on job opportunities, we know there is hope during these trying times.

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