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This Fully-Integrated Health App Lets You Book Consultations, Request Medical Certificates, And Buy Meds In Just A Few Clicks

This Fully-Integrated Health App Lets You Book Consultations, Request Medical Certificates, And Buy Meds In Just A Few Clicks
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Now, more than ever, we know that we need to really take care of our health and really think about how we treat our bodies, especially because we know how vulnerable our immune system can be against a deadly virus like SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19. However, with safety protocols and limited mobility, keeping our health in check isn’t as easy as it used to be pre-pandemic.

Until March 2020, it was a must to get expert medical opinion from your doctor by going to the hospital for regular check-ups. Now, however, for fear of contracting the virus, we tend to downplay symptoms and push back doctor’s appointments unless absolutely necessary. However, we all know it’s best to seek a doctor’s opinion early to catch a disease in its early stage.

Lucky for us, healthcare is made more accessible these days by the first fully integrated health mobile application in the Philippines, mWell.

All-in-one service

Metro Pacific Investments Corporation’s (MPIC) subsidiary Metro Pacific Health Tech Corporation (MPHTC) recently launched an all-in-one mobile app where Filipinos can book consultations with doctors nationwide, request for prescriptions, and buy medicines digitally.

With the pandemic’s effect on our healthcare system, this app makes it easier for Filipinos to access medical services without leaving the comfort of their home.

“Through a collaboration with trusted health experts, mWell will develop an ecosystem to bring integrated digital health care closer to every Filipino, even beyond the pandemic,” says MPIC Chairman Manny V. Pangilinan. “mWell will empower every Filipino to be in control of his health with just one app.”

mWell’s extensive list of partners include: IT platform Lotusflare, Ping An Healthcare and Technology, IT servicing company HighlySucceed, insurance company PhilCare, and many more. Its partnership with Adobomall allows users to shop medicines on the app and pay for them conveniently through PayMaya, so that all their healthcare needs are in one place.

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Doctors can set up their virtual clinics

Through the mWell app, medical professionals are given the opportunity to reach out to patients nationwide. They can set up their own virtual clinics where patients can book teleconsultations and ask for medicine prescriptions. No traffic, no risk of COVID-19, and completely hassle-free.

Dr. Lovely Garcia, an obstetrician-gynecologist from Greencity Medical Center, says her experience with mWell is that it allowed her to reach out even to her patients in remote areas.

“Through telemedicine, accessible healthcare can be promoted and the anxiety of going outside would be reduced, not only for us doctors, but for patients as well,” she says.

MPIC President and CEO Joey Lim invites medical professionals to build their own virtual office with mWell.

“Together, we will build an ecosystem that will provide easy access to integrated digital healthcare,” he says. “We invite doctors and health practitioners to digitize their practice, partner with us and be part of mWell’s mission. With our combined strength, we can empower our countrymen to be in control of their health.”

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It’s easy to use

You don’t have to be a “techie” to use the mWell mobile app. All you have to do is download the app on your mobile device, sign up, and you’re good to go!

The app’s interface is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Just click the “Book an Appointment” button and you’ll be introduced to a roster of more than 5,000 doctors from different medical fields. Each doctor has a corresponding consultation fee, depending on his specialty.

Choose your preferred medical practitioner, book a time slot most convenient for you, and you’ll be notified when it’s time for your scheduled appointment!

“At the heart of Gabay Kalusugan’s advocacy to bring healthcare to our kababayans, mWell is our response to Filipinos’ call for a better, more responsive, highly convenient healthcare platform,” says the Chief Finance & Sustainability Officer of MPIC, Chaye Revilla. “It is a fully integrated ecosystem that will deliver their health and wellness needs.”

You can download the mWell PH app on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

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