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Too Pretty! 8 Aesthetic Insulated Tumblers That Will Encourage You To Drink More Water

Too Pretty! 8 Aesthetic Insulated Tumblers That Will Encourage You To Drink More Water
Image by @hydrofiedph & @balikluntian / Instagram

The recommended 8 glasses of water per day to stay hydrated is a reasonable goal, according to Mayoclinic, although this is not as easy as it sounds. For some people, drinking water can feel like a chore. Thankfully, reusable water bottles and jugs were invented for convenience, making water available everywhere you go. It also helps you keep track of your water intake.

Even better, we now have insulated bottles which keep the temperature of liquids for a long time. For the cherry on top, different brands are now offering the cutest and most fashionable tumblers that will definitely make you look forward to drinking more water (or even working out)! Check these out:


Hydrofied found a creative way to support local artists and businesses through their tumblers that can be customized with any design that you like. For an additional Php 850, you can have any design hand-painted on your tumbler by their talented artists! They also source their packaging from a local producer in Laguna.

Hydrofied’s 21 oz. bottles are for Php 1,200; the 32 oz. bottles are for Php 1,500, while the 64 oz. bottles are sold for Php 2,500. They also sell accessories like themouth-wide straw lid (Php 350), paracord handle (Php 250), and flex boot (Php 200). They even have jump ropes for Php 249 that match the colors of their bottles! #GetHydrofied

Shop using their order form.


Kool is undeniably cool! They have a wide selection of insulated tumblers that will keep your drink cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. They sell 20 oz. tumblers for Php 599, 25 oz. bottles for Php 799, and 32 oz. bottles for Php 999. You can design your bottles with vinyl stickers for an additional Php 120, and they also sell yoga mats for Php 849. #KoolestWater #StayHotKeepKool

Get yours on their website.

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Hydr8 Insulated water bottles are popular among celebrities. The colors they offer will remind you of summer and the beach! They have 12 oz. bottles for Php 599, 21 oz. bottles for Php 699, 25 oz. gym shakers for Php 699, 32 oz. bottles for Php 899, and 64 oz. bottles for Php 1,399. 

Get yours on Lazada. 

Luntian PH

Luntian in English is ‘green,’ and it fits this shop’s mission perfectly: to go green and save the environment, one less plastic at a time. You can choose from a wide array of tumbler sizes and colors that will fit your preference: 12 oz. “coffee cups” for Php 650, 18 oz. bottles for Php 1,550, 32 oz. bottles for Php 1,650 (Gulpy) and Php 2,050 (Roady), 40 oz. bottles for Php 1,850, and 64 oz. bottles for Php 2,500.

Their 32 oz., 40 oz., and 64 oz. Roady series come with a bottle, two lids, a protective sleeve, and a cleaning brush, while the 18 oz. bottle comes with only one lid, a protective sleeve, a cleaning brush, and a paracord.

Get yours on Instagram.

Sumato Home

Hurray for double-walled acrylic tumblers with trendy and fun color options! This 16 oz cup comes in twelve colors with a lid and a straw for only Php 299, perfect for your work from home set-up. Because this baby doesn’t sweat, you don’t have to worry about your stuff getting wet. Also ideal for your iced coffee obsession!

Get yours on Lazada.

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Acqua Vacuum Flasks

Love pastel? Acqua has a collection of the daintiest bottles that you can design with stickers. You can also engrave it with your name for only Php 180. Their bottles are made with 18/8 stainless steel inside and out to keep your drink cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. They sell 385 ml mugs for Php 599, 500 ml bottles for Php 849, and 975 ml bottles for Php 1,129.

Shop through their website.


With Tyeso tumblers, you’ll have more choices to choose from. You’ll always see this brand in the budol recommendation lists of influencers, because Tyeso sells vacuum insulated bottles at a cheaper price! They market 530 ml tumblers for Php 236, 550 ml tumblers for Php 311, 600 ml tumblers for Php 340, 710 ml tumblers for Php 345, 890 ml tumblers for Php 371, and more. What a steal!

Get yours on Lazada.

Bukas Flask

For every flask sold, Bukas Flask donates Php 50 to Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation, which makes education accessible to underprivileged kids (#BukasFund of #TheFlaskThatMatters). You don’t only get a functional bottle whenever you make a purchase, you’re also helping young kids in Zamboanga go to school! Bukas Flask sells 18 oz. flasks for Php 480, 32 oz. flasks for Php 600, and sticker packs for Php 199.

Get yours on Shopee.

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