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Trend Alert: Aesthetic Cups. 10 Pieces To Add To Your Collection To Make Coffee Time ~Extra~

Trend Alert: Aesthetic Cups. 10 Pieces To Add To Your Collection To Make Coffee Time ~Extra~
Image by @shop.tinyvictories / Instagram

Starting your own collection of anything that sparks joy is always fun. You always have something to look forward to and you get a sense of fulfillment as your collection grows. Invaluable, a fine arts and antique online marketplace, says, “People collected things because they felt an emotional connection to the subject matter. People also collect things for profit and for pleasure. Some reasons people might collect for fun include nostalgia, connection to a historical period, or the prestige behind having the largest collection of something.”

We all have different things that we are drawn to, and for content creator Ida Anduyan, it’s ~aesthetic~ cups. She says on her vlog that these pretty mugs make coffee time extra special, and her coffee ritual just isn’t complete without them. Adding different glassware to her online shopping cart has also kept her sane and has been her guilty pleasure during the quarantine.

We’re loving Ida’s cup haul! If you like them too, here’s where you can buy them:

Cup Number 1: The Milk Cup

This tall transparent glass has a square mouth. Ida says it’s best for coffee, smoothies, juice, and water, but you can also use it for milk and tea. Most of her cups are made of high borosilicate glass, which can stand both hot and cold temperatures.

Get yours on Shopee for Php 125 (250 mL) and Php 159 (370 mL).

Cup Number 2: The Mt. Fuji Glass

Inspired by the Fujisan or Mt. Fuji, this sake cup is designed using the Edo-kiriko method. Ida says she uses this heat-resistant cup for coffee, smoothies, juice, dessert, or matcha, but you can also use it for beer, whiskey, milk, or tea.

Get yours on Shopee for Php 145 (300 mL).

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Cup Number 3: Corrugated Glass

Want a better grip? This corrugated glass is for you. Just like the first two cups, it is made of borosilicate glass that can stand heat. Besides drinking from it, you can also use this as home décor if you want to get creative.

Get yours on Shopee for Php 199 (clear, 340 mL) and Php 235 (brown, 340 mL).

Cup Number 4: Stubby Single Walled Mug

This mug that resembles a stout teacup has a thick wall that can keep drinks cool or hot longer than standard cups. Ida uses it for tea, milk, dessert, or coffee.

Get yours on Shopee for Php 122 (200 mL).

Cup Number 5: Wavy Glass Mug

Elevate your coffee experience with the wavy glass mug that has been gaining popularity on social media. It’s a little pricier than the previous cups, but worth it.

Get yours on Shopee for Php 596 (370 mL).

Cup Number 6: Double Walled Mug

Many of us prefer double-walled or insulated mugs for their ability to keep your drink hot or cold for a longer time (and no more accidentally touching a hot cup!). It is durable and scratch proof, too. Ida uses it for coffee, matcha, and tea.

Get yours on Shopee for Php 234 (350 mL).

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Cup Number 7: The Boobie Mug

Yes, free the nipple! This is definitely a cute addition to your collection. Midnight Crafter offers a variety of ~aesthetic~ 9 oz. mugs for Php 299.

Shop their Instagram.

Cup Number 8: The Nordic Mug

The Nordic theme has been a crowd-favorite lately, and this mug can match your interior if you are into this design trend. Kensho Local sells the 310 mL size mug for Php 300.

Shop their Instagram.

Cup Number 9: The Speckled Hoop Mug

Vloggers have been a huge fan of cute speckled mugs and coasters, and Ida says this is one of her favorites. Made of thick ceramic, the speckled hoop mug is microwave resistant. Dear Brave One offers it for Php 650 with a 350 mL capacity.

Shop their website.

Cup Number 10: The Ribbed Double Walled Cup

Last but not the least, here’s another double-walled cup option for you! This glass will certainly make your coffee breaks ~extra~ and fun. It is also microwave- and dishwasher-safe. Tiny Victories sells the 300 mL size for Php 390.

Shop their Instagram.

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