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TV5 Launches ‘Iba Sa 5’ Station ID; Offers A Home for Celebrities and Creatives

TV5 Launches ‘Iba Sa 5’ Station ID; Offers A Home for Celebrities and Creatives
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At the height of the pandemic, TV5 has redefined television dynamics by opening its doors to talents and creatives from different networks and giving them a new home. This is embodied in “Iba sa 5,” the new station ID launched on May 20, which highlights the many different celebrities and personalities across all genres that thrive on the channel as they work relentlessly to produce quality entertainment that brings joy to the viewers.

Maine Mendoza (PoPinoy), Raffy Tulfo (Frontline Pilipinas), Maja Salvador (Niña Niño), Billy Crawford (The Wall Philippines), Cristine Reyes (Encounter), Herbert Bautista (Puto), Randy Santiago (Sing Galing), Paolo Ballesteros (PoPinoy), Alex Gonzaga (Lunch Out Loud), KC Montero (Lunch Out Loud), and many more stars topbill the two-minute-twelve-second station ID.

Mr. Dino Laurena, Chief Operating Officer of Media 5, said, "The concept behind it is to showcase the variety of programs and genres that TV5 now provides the Filipino audience. Since TV5's transition back to Entertainment, it has now become a one-stop-channel for all types of content – be it drama, game show, talent show, variety, movies, series, news, and sports. Viewers can just tune in to TV5 and they can find all these there."

“Iba-iba dito makikita, iba-iba dito magsasama-sama”

The station ID features a catchy jingle composed and arranged by Jeff Arcilla, the man behind "Apat na Buwang Pasko" and the original singer of the World Youth Day Song, "Tell the World of His Love." The design agency, Campaigns and Grey, spent many months in collaboration with TV executives to develop a reinvigorated look for TV5 that encapsulates the hearts and stories of the people behind it. 

The video illustrates that whether someone is watching solo with a bucket of popcorn or having an all-boy barkada sports night, TV5 has a variety of shows to cater to every heart’s desires from informative, straight news such as Frontline Pilipinas to an entertaining musical extravaganza like A Star is Born. Viewers from all demographics will find a reason to keep their eyes peeled to their television screens because there’s comedy to tragedy and everything in between.


"Iba sa 5" lives up to its name by indeed offering something different for everyone at any time. Laurena adds, “Iba-iba ang mapapanood mo dito. Iba-ibang viewers ang mag-e-enjoy manood dito. Iba-iba rin ang mga artista at mga content creators na makikita mo dito.”

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He emphasized the network's open call for other artists and production houses to come and create magic with TV5. “We have said this before, our doors are open to those who want to work with us, be it artists or content producers. That is what makes us "IBA." Our collaborations with great artists and creative minds in the industry allow us to offer something fresh, something new and unexpected."

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