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What Camera Should You Get If You Want To Be A YouTuber? These Brands Are Popular Among Vloggers

What Camera Should You Get If You Want To Be A YouTuber? These Brands Are Popular Among Vloggers
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A lot of people want to be content creators or YouTubers now because it seems like a fun job. Vloggers always make things look so easy, but nothing great comes without hard work! To be able to produce high quality content, you’d need a ton of imagination and a bit of investment.

People who really want to pursue vlogging need a trusty camera. It’s a no brainer that it’s the number one must-have for a vlogger! Of course, you can always start with whatever device you already have, such as your smartphone, but if you have the budget for a new camera and are thinking of buying one, here are six highly recommended models that are suitable for videoblogging:

Canon G7x Mark II

The Canon G7x is probably the go-to vlogging camera of a lot of people. Most also started with this camera because it’s very straightforward and user-friendly. It’s also lighter compared to other cameras, perfect for carrying around. It’s a 20-megapixel camera, 1080p resolution up to 60 fps. Not bad for starters!

Get yours on Lazada for Php 36,998.

DJI Osmo Pocket 2

If you want a more compact but smarter camera, this is for you. It’s so tiny but it works wonders! Trust me—I use the first model myself, and it’s my best purchase yet. This one’s a bit of an upgrade from the Pocket 1, but still works just as well. It acts as a gimbal and even records and shoots 4k. Can you believe that this small thing can produce high quality videos? Very handy too, as it easily fits in your pocket.

Get yours on Lazada for Php 19,990.

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Fujifilm X-A7

Established in 1934, Fujifilm has been a trusted brand when it comes to photography. One of their latest vlogging cameras is the X-A7 which shoots 4k videos too. Impressive! “Simple, familiar controls at your fingertips let you create stunning results that tell your unique story,” is how they are marketing this new model. It also has a light trail mode that lets you shoot amazing photos even in the dark, and the screen even flips sideways.

Get yours on Shopee for Php 27,990.

Canon Vixia Mini X or Legria Mini X

If you want the vintage video camera vibe, this might be a good option for you because it kind of resembles the old camcorders. Pocket-sized camcorders are perfect if you want to keep it lowkey. The Canon Vixia also has the fisheye feature—a classic aesthetic—that will definitely take you back in time.

Get yours on Carousell for Php 48,000.

Go Pro Hero 10

Go Pros are ideal for adrenaline junkies who are always looking for adventure. It has always been popular for extreme sports or activities that include water since it is rugged waterproof. But lately even daily vloggers use Go Pros even if they’re just heading to the grocery! Since it’s easy to bring and mount, it has been a staple for full-time content creators. Why not?

Get yours on Lazada for Php 29,490.

Sony ZV-E10

So many vloggers have switched to a Sony camera because it is a dependable brand, and Sony is really determined to create better vlogging cameras since there is a high demand. Most of their cameras also come with a wind muff for the microphone to help reduce unnecessary noise.. This particular model can shoot 4k and high-quality videos even when you’re in motion. The camera is around 24 megapixels and its focus is perfect for vlogging as it can capture even fast-moving subjects in great detail. Surely a worthy investment.

Get yours on Lazada for Php 42,999.

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What other equipment would you need if you want to level up your vlogs?


If you want to level up your audio quality, microphones are a huge help. Rode Mic and Boya Lapel mic are brands recommended by vloggers.

Ring Light

Even if you’re not a vlogger, a ring light has been a quarantine staple—from selfies, zoom meetings, pseudo lamps, to vlogging! There are a lot of options on Shopee and Lazada, and many serve their purpose. Just make sure to read the reviews to find one that is durable.

Softbox or Studio light

If you want to take your vlogging project to the next level, studio lights are also available on online shopping platforms, and they’re actually not that expensive!


A tripod is every vlogger’s best friend. You won’t always have someone hold the camera for you so this one is a necessary buy. YouTubers recommend the brand Manfrotto or generic gorilla pods.


Not everyone has an Instagrammable house, and even if you do have one, backdrops are still a cool investment. This opens up a world of creativity because there’s so much you can do with it!

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