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Where To Get Those Instagrammable Mirrors That Will Level Up Your Selfie Game

Where To Get Those Instagrammable Mirrors That Will Level Up Your Selfie Game
Images by @frances.dandan & @ashleyogarcia / Instagram

When talking about room décor, it’s easy to forget to include mirrors, but in fact, they’re one of interior designers’ reliable implements. They elevate the overall style, make spaces look bigger, and even level up your selfie game. Over the quarantine, many people became obsessed with mirrors as a necessary part of their home hauls for their house and room makeovers.

Yes, we all know mirrors are for looking at our reflections, but no one said that they should be boring! In the last year, more brands have come up with different fun designs that add personality to your place and also keep your #OOTD shots interesting.

Here are some cool and trendy mirror designs that you might want to bring home!

The Frameless Arc Mirror

Just a few months into the quarantine, Instagram and TikTok were filled with photos and videos of the famous frameless Arc Mirror. Literally 9 out of 10 influencers had one, and the trend spread like wildfire! Well, it does really go well with OOTDs.

You can get yours at Design Depot PH.

The Ultrafragola Mirror/Lamp

The Ultrafragola is so popular among Hollywood celebrities and K-pop idols because it gives off that retro and vintage vibe that definitely spices up your interior. It actually lights up and can even be considered as a piece of art. Well, it actually is.

Italian furniture store Poltronova says, “Ultrafragola mirror/lamp, with its sinuous profile that suggests long wavy hair, belongs to the Mobili Grigi series of complete bedroom and living room furnishings designed by Ettore Sottsass.”

The only downside of this mirror is that it costs as much as $10,000 (Php 500,000). Wow! Replicas are also being sold online for around Php 50,000 to Php 100,000, but that price is still pretty steep.

You can get yours at Beauty Berries Home.

The Flossy Mirror

The Flossy mirror is handmade by interior design student Frances Dandan, who started a small business selling flossy mirrors and pedestals. She offers mini, midi, and full-sized mirrors that you can customize to your liking! So creative and aesthetic, right?

You can shop through her Instagram.

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The Curvy Mirror

This one’s super quirky and fun! If you can’t afford the Ultrafragola yet, this one’s a good stand-in. It comes in different (pretty) colors that will add a lot of personality to your room.

You can get yours at Greenery MNL.

The Round Mirror

Round mirrors are always a classic piece. They look especially good in the dining area or the powder room, but really, you can hang them just about anywhere. You can’t go wrong with this one.

You can get yours at Jfab.

The Squiggle Mirror

Amp up your vanity with this irregularly shaped mirror. The squiggle mirror also became popular during the lockdown since it adds a nice touch as a decorative piece without the hefty price tag.

You can get yours on Shopee.

The Framed Mirror

If there are frameless mirrors, framed mirrors are a thing too! There is more structure to this kind of mirror, and the frame can even match your interior.

You can get yours at Greenery MNL.

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The Cloud Mirror

The cloud or foam mirror is a cool new TikTok trend that’s actually easy to create! You just need a mirror (duh!) and a few cans of Polyurethane foam (available on Shopee). Definitely a refreshing mirror design. Is this going to be your new project?

Watch how you can DIY it here.

The LED Mirror

Bathroom selfies are more fun with bright lights! LED lights are so convenient for putting on your make-up or even taking photos. Can we all agree that we need hotel-like lighting in the comfort room?

You can get yours on Shopee.

The Funky Blob Mirror

This mirror kind of resembles SpongeBob, right? Nonetheless, it’s still looking snazzy for sure. The blob mirrors were handmade in London by a shop called Lotta Blobs, but locally, there are already some knockoffs in the market. Of course, you can also try making it at home. Here’s another project for you!

Watch how you can DIY it here.

The Tufted Rug Mirror

People have really gotten creative with their mirror designs! Rugs + mirrors? Who thought of that? The combination gave birth to the prettiest and funkiest designs that are so hard to choose from. *adds to cart*

You can get yours on Shopee.

Words of Affirmation Mirrors

What if your mirror reminded you of how strong you are? Mirrors with positive affirmations are gaining traction as they should. Who else would hype you up if not yourself, right? Such a great idea—great for your mental health, too.

You can get your custom mirror at Greenery MNL.

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